ENG 1121 D476 Fall 2019

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  • Due 5PM on 11/10: Genre analysis of your mentor text
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    Amber Slater

    Hi all!

    For this homework, you’ll decide on one genre for your multimodal remix. Then, you’ll find one sample from within that genre and do a genre analysis of it. This will help you to understand what the rules of the genre are for when you create within that genre.

    Use the following vocabulary words in your genre analysis of your mentor text:
    Purpose- Why are they writing?
    Audience- Who are they writing for?
    Rhetorical appeals (ethos- credibility, pathos-emotion, logos- logic)- strategies to convince someone
    Modes (audio, visual, written) and media (how the modes are conveyed)
    Common elements- what different samples of the genre have in common
    Style- writing
    Design- visual
    Sources- do they use outside info to back up their argument?

    Here’s an example: I’m going to create a mural for my remix project. Common elements of murals are that they are in public spaces where everyone can see them, and they are often large in scale.

    The mentor text that I chose is Keith Haring’s “todos juntos podemos parar el SIDA” mural in Barcelona, created in 1989. His purpose was to get people talking about the AIDS crisis, and his audience was people walking past the mural. The main rhetorical appeal is pathos because it makes the audience feel hopeful about the power of people working together. The modes are written and visual, and the media is a mural on a wall. There isn’t a particular writing style because the text is really short, and the visual design is simple and only uses one color. Haring’s art usually uses more colors, but this piece is simple and only uses red. There are no sources.



    I choose how to get more members involved in CREAR Futuros . Main purpose of this program was created for Latinos students and other transfer students to exceed in their academics by assisting them with resources that colleges don’t provide them with like, financial aid, mentoring, workshops etc. the main rhetorical appeal is pathos because it gives students a chance to excel and encourage them to know that CREAR futuros is there to assist them and guild them, with more people aware more students will participate. The modes is visual since its going to be present with pictures and written since its going to be a PowerPoint.



    For my remix project, I will be doing a photo essay. The mentor text that I used is the Humans of New York Instagram page photo essay. The user of the account is writing this to raise awareness about whatever the people being interviewed are going through. He/She is writing this for the general public, and they are using pathos because it makes the audience feel whatever the interviewee is feeling as well. The modes being used are visual as it shows a picture of the interviewee and written as it shows whatever the interviewee is saying and the media is an Instagram post. The common elements of photo essays is that they all have two modes which are visual and written. The style of writing they are using are direct quotes, they do not have sources and the design is basic.



    In this remix essay, I will use Photo essay. The mentor text that I will use is from The New York Times articles “English Language Learners”. On this page I able to find many different examples of articles that could help me write my photo essay. The purpose was to let everyone know what really means Ell or ESL the main audience is people who read the news, especially The New York Times. But it can be everyone. The rhetorical appeal is logos because it explains everything with facts and logic. The writing style is used that is mostly used by journalistic in newspapers. The modes are written and visual.


    Abass Kane

    For my remix essay, I will use a photo essay. The essay that I will refer for is the Instagram page of Humans of New York but also The UNICEF page. My purpose will be by this page to aware people about our community activities and project. It will be for a general public but more for the new generation. The mode tat are present in my reference project are visual and written but i will also add some audio. The style of writing is going to be basically direct quotes and a basic design. The main rhetorical appeal will be pathos because with the pictures and videos it will make like the Humans of New York translate whatever feelings the people interviewed feels. There will be no sources.


    Leanie Tejada

    For my remix essay, I will use a collage. The mentor text that I will use is Eduardo Paolozzi’s art “Meet the People”. The artwork was made with the use of magazines in reference to pop art. The purpose was to entertain people with bright colors and random magazine pictures. The audience is anyone who is interested in pop art, popular culture, technology, and American consumerism. The rhetorical appeals were ethos and pathos because there was an image of Lucille Ball and Minnie Mouse, which gives off this feeling of nostalgia. The modes were visual and the media was the artwork. Common elements would be that some collages only contain images and usually have bold colors. The design is a bright, bold color that stands out with magazine clippings. The sources they used would be images from magazines.



    For my remix essay, I will use a photo essay. The mentor text I will use is a photo that was taken during the civil rights era. The rhetorical appeal was ethos because it was taken during the civil rights era and credible. Another one was pathos because when you look at the picture it will make you feel sad but strong because even though they were discriminated against the fought for their rights. The models were visual and the media was a picture. Common elements would be that these pictures are in black and white. The design is black and white. The sources they use would be images from the internet.


    Farai Matangira

    For my Call To Action paper remix, I will be doing a photo essay. The mentor text I will base my photo essay on is the Humans Of NY Instagram page. The purpose of the page is to get a perspective of people regarding any topic of their choice either to bring awareness to something or just as a form of expression. The audience is for anyone who may have an interest in hearing stories from different people and getting their point of view. I’d say the main rhetorical appeal is pathos because there is something about the images, the captions and the fact that it’s on Instagram, which makes it feel more emotional and personal. The modes are visual and written, while the media are images and text. Some common elements include images with the caption being quotations from the interview. The style is written captions that are direct quotes from the people that are interviewed. The design is a typical Instagram post with an image and a caption. The sources are usually direct quotes from the interviewees.


    C Pichardo

    View this post on Instagram

    “I haven’t spoken to my Mom in two years. I don’t even remember what started it. It was on Christmas. We were arguing about something stupid and it just escalated. Then we started fighting about the past. She’s at this age where she isn’t making many new memories, so she just lives in the past and glorifies the old ones. Which isn’t a bad thing, I guess. But she refuses to remember the hard times. And it’s extremely frustrating. Both my parents were always so stuck in their own stories. Their own problems. It was never about me. I know that sounds selfish– but children are selfish. You have to be selfish to survive. I was never acknowledged. Never encouraged. Never had the feeling they were proud. They didn’t even show up to my graduation. It took me so long to get over that shit. It took me so long to feel worthy. And now, all these years later, my mother’s story is this: ‘I did everything for you, I sacrificed everything, and your childhood was beautiful.’ She says it in a way that implies I should be thankful. And grateful. And what’s most triggering– she says it in a way that implies I should pay her back.” (Berlin, Germany)

    A post shared by Humans of New York (@humansofny) on

    The genre for my multimodal remix I decided on is photoessay. The sample photoessay I chose has no name, however the creator has an INSTAGRAM account called HumansofNY. I believe each photoessay is not titled because it might symbolize how everyone is on equal terms, and apart of a large scale community. There is some beauty behind it. We are all equal. Therefor, there is no title, simply words about how an individual is feeling, or what they are thinking and like to share with the rest of the world. The purpose of HumansofNY is to give citizens a platform to express their thoughts, and emotions; to tell a story to the world about who they are, what they are going through. It provides a sense of unity. It brings down barriers, and reminds us we are very complex and everyone has their own deep, meaningful life, and it is beautiful. The audience is the world; whoever is willing to listen and follows the account. In this specific photoessay, it is an appeal to pathos because the woman is talking about how she hasn’t spoken to her mother in several years, and she always felt that she wasn’t supported by her family; they didn’t even attend her graduation. The woman is upset because she lacked the love and support every child needs to prosper, and because her mother had the nerve to say her childhood was beautiful, and implied she should be grateful. The mode of the genre is both visual and written. To be more specific, the media is a photo and text. Common elements of photoessays can include photos, text, paragraphs. The style of the writing is what really differentiates photoessays. There are many ways one can write one. In this example, the text style is the woman’s thoughts and whatever wants to share. It is first person. The design is always a photograph of a person who is choosing to share their personal life. In this example, it is a woman from Germany, who appears to be sitting on a park bench. There are no sources necessary. I like this style of photoessay by HumansofNY because it seems rather personal and pertains to the individual.



    For my remix project, I will be creating some sort of PSA advertising (Video/ Image). The mentor text I chose is truthorange’s advertising style. Their purpose is to create a generation of non-smokers and shut down big tobacco companies. The audience is younger people around the age group of 12-24 male and female. The main rhetorical appeal is logos because every truthorange video or ad is filled with facts. The modes are a combination of audio, visual and written but mostly consist of audio and visual. The writing style is informal in an effort to make the PSA “understandable or related ” to a younger audience. The design takes any form possible but usually bright colors such as orange and bold text are used. All facts use in a truthorange PSA can be linked back to a source.



    For my remix project I’ll be doing a video. The mentor text I chose is a video called “They’re Surprise Mechanics, Not Loot Boxes. F*** Off EA” by Youtuber YongYea. The purpose is to address EA’s latest attempt at covering up shady business tactics such as promoting gambling at all ages and the audience are people who play games made by EA. The main rhetorical appeal is logos because facts are drawn from sources and experience to disprove or argue against lies produced by the company. The modes are audio and visuals while the media is a Youtube video. Some common elements include screenshots used such as company tweets or snapshots of game elements used against the company as well as sarcastically agreeing with the lazy excuses given. The designs are somewhat complex with plenty of different images being cycled in with clips of the author himself. YongYea links two sources in the description of the video with one being the video of the parliament hearing of EA’s ethics in regards to their “surprise mechanics” being acceptable for all ages and an article about their gaming practices.


    Justin Andrew

    The genre I will use for my multimodal remix is video. My sample is “Takeout creates a lot of trash. It doesn’t have to.” By Vox. The purpose of their video was to inform others of the burdens of takeout trash to its users and the environment. In this, they utilize a lot of logos, pathos, and ethos to convey their message. The modes are written, visual, and auditory. Sources which they use to back their writing include interviews with professionals. Its design is visual.



    The genre i will use for my multi modal remix is Photo Essay. The sample i will be writing about is https://www.buzzfeed.com/katebubacz/11-of-the-most-interesting-photo-essays. The title of the article is called “These Beautiful Photos of Subway Stations Will Transport You From Your Daily Commute.” The purpose of this article is they are trying to show people all around the world of this beautiful subway station that is in Montreal. The audience for this article could be for people who want to see subway station that are beautiful looking. Or people who are looking at different subway station in different states. The rhetorical appeals for this article is a little pathos because like for me its crazy to see a subway station that beautiful because compared to the ones we have in New York they are nothing like that. And its logos because they are showing actual evidence of the subway station in Montreal. The modes used in this article is Visual and Written because they are using pictures from the station and they are writing about the station. The common elements found in photo essays are they show pictures of what they are going to be talking about and they give summary of the pictures. The style is not so different from other photo essays same as the design. For sources they include the architecture of the subway station.


    Haifa Mahmoud

    The genre I will use is a photoessay. Common elements of photo essays are pictures and texts included. My sample will be humansofny from Instagram. His purpose is to show different people from around nyc who have their own stories and problems to tell about their lives. His audience is everyone on Instagram. For his rhetorical appeal he used pathos because everyone’s story provokes a type of emotion. His modes are both visual and written because he takes pictures and then has a caption with a portion from the interview. The style of his writing depends all on the person who he is interviewing because they all speak differently and express themselves in different ways. The design is the same because he provides a picture of the person he interviews or their hands or legs if they do not want to show their faces. He does not use sources because they are personal stories.



    The genre that I will use for my multimodal remix is audio. The mentor text I chose was a diss track YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw6NU1wl_BY), which showed the multiple disruptive issues that the game franchise NBA 2K experiences on a yearly basis, as well as fan frustration towards these problems. This track is targeted towards the company 2K, as well as the game developers who work within this company. The rhetorical appeals, ethos, and pathos are used within the video. The credibility goes to the game developers who create the game, and there is a ton of emotion and aggression being omitted by the creator of the song/diss track. This text is portrayed both by audio and by visual. A song is being played in the background as 2K gameplay is being shown. There is not specifically a style of writing because after all it is a video. The design consists of 2K gameplay background, as well as a cutscene used from the MyCareer story mode. There are no other sources.

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