ENG 1121 D440 Fall 2019

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    1. What discourse community are you writing about? What is the issue or problem in that discourse community that you will address?

    – At my job.(I work at a retail store) I feel like the main issues in the store are number of hours that employees work and the pay itself.

    2. What is your motivation for wanting to write about this discourse community?

    – Because based on my experience being in a retail store is more tiring and more exhausting compared to being an after school instructor because i’ve experienced doing it as well back when I was in my freshman in college. Also, I feel like these jobs needs to get a stable income cause most people who are taking this kind of jobs are the once who are paying for their college or trying survive; however, because of the little pay they are receiving some of them might have to look for a 2nd or 3rd job for it to be enough to sustain their life and support them to go to college.

    3. What is your research question?

    – Would it be possible for Sales Associates to get a raise?

    4. What basic research have you done so far? What information have you found?

    – Based on “TheBalanceCareer.com” a raise for sales associates depends on the company and whether or not their compensation plan indicates it. Also, according to the website a raise is affected by a lot of factors such as quota which is basically how much you sold and whether or not you reached a certain amount of sales.

    5. What kinds of challenges do you think you might run into as you work on this project?
    – I feel like the challenges I’ll face are researching about jobs or companies that offers a raise for their sales associates and what are the requirements/ qualification for an employee to get raised. Also, research for different states in the US might affect it as well since not all the states pay the same rate for a Sales Associate position.

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