ENG 1121 D430, Spring 2020

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  • Week of May 4th
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    Rebekah Coleman

    Please post a response to ONE of the Activity Boxes in this week’s Presentation!


    Activity: Explain your choice of genre.

    Response: Based on last week, I’ll choose a PowerPoint presentation, because there are multiple sections that I am able to cover such as “The History of Fares”, “Fare Hike Proposal”, “Why there are fare hikes?”, etc. The benefits of doing a PowerPoint presentation is that I am in complete control of visuals such as colors and images, there can be add-ons such as audio and transitions as well. In addition, people may be able to print and download the presentations on the go. The biggest benefit of PowerPoint presentations (unlike songs and poems) is that I’ll be allowed to write a dynamic amount of words depending how much content I have. In case the presentation has 1,500 words, my presentation can have as much as 30-40 slides.

    However, the limitations of a PowerPoint presentation is that it is designed to be a lecture. Presentations may be boring for those who don’t have interest in the topic nor have long-term attention span. Presentations are not designed for people with little to no patience, and will get bored quickly. In addition, presentations for children may only have limited usefulness, unless the topic is directly targeted towards them.

    The modes/media that I’ll include is linguistics, visuals, and to some extent, aural. For this topic, visuals play a very important role in my multimodal project.

    (By the way, may the fourth be with you!)


    Florence Jiang

    Activity: Provide context

    My topic is about gender norms/ gender stereotyping and how it’s being portrayed in the media. With how much the media portrays gender norms, it’s also harming kids mentally and physically. For example, in television shows males are always needed to be portrayed as masculine and are always the heroes. As for females they are always portrayed a certain imagine like being pretty, slim, clear skin, and etc. These certain images that are being portrayed are a lot more common than you think. In kid’s cartoon show the males are always the hero trying to save the female characters. I choose this because I find this whole topic to be very interesting. I have seen a lot of people agreeing that this is a problem especially for kids however I don’t actually see it trying to be fixed. What really inspired me to choose this topic was what I have seen and heard from my younger relatives, around the ages of 4 to 6. I saw them playing and they were doing exactly what they see on these shows. The boys being the hero trying to save the girls. In my research I saw a lot of sources telling me a possible solution to this problem is to use the media to change the gender stereotyping, which I found interesting and very contradicting.


    Alexandros Veliz

    Discussion of the composition/ modes/ medium and make an argument:

    WHAT choices did you make in Project 3? Think about a choice you made about what to include or not include? About layout? Colors? Organization? Font? Evidence?

    WHY and HOW did you make these choices?

    Think of one choice you made in Project 3 Describe the choice you made and the reason for the choice. Write a paragraph about it.

    The choices that I made for Project 3 were to create a comic page to help represent my message. I included drawings that i made myself and images found on the internet to help display my message. I made the decision to make a comic because i enjoy reading comics and I found the thought of making a comic enjoyable. My message was about how technology companies and the Internet spies and uses your information for their personal agendas. I used reliable sources, a comic fonts for the comics themselves and a Times New Roman font for the editors notes.


    Josh Clarke

    For Project 3, I’ve decided to make my presentation more reachable to a broader audience. Adding pictures, and more colorful draws more eyes. I made these choices by looking at what was done in Project 2. It looked quite bland so adding more flair to it could draw more attention. Also, in this project I will add more stories about my topic. Maybe even adding a video from an analyst who is more informed than I am about what is going on in the college athlete salary conspiracy.


    Daniel Espinoza

    For Project 3, I decided to use google docs to create a visual with pictures and writing about the project. I used this genre because I’m very comfortable with the genre as I’ve used it in high school. I feel like my audience falls between children to young adults. My message is that the younger generation should be aware of technology and the dangers of it even though technology has enhanced our way of life. The younger generation aren’t aware of what technology does and should be informed. I also feel that my project won’t be flashy to some people because I only added images with writing with not really creativity put into it.


    Ray-Ana W.

    For the final project, I choose to use the genre graphic novels. The first time I understood what a graphic novel, happened when I got assigned the book for this English course. When I saw it I was excited, mainly because ever since I was a child I always loved picture books and different kinds of drawings. As a result, when I heard the options for the project my mind automatically gravitated to doing a graphic novel. the benefits of this included using my own interpretation to showcase my findings. Although I did get lost a lot at the end of it I was able to do it. the limitation included the word count. Drawing takes a lot of time and figuring out what u want is difficult as well. So when you factor in the world count to pay attention it gets a little rocky.



    To complete Project three, I used google docs to create a newspaper article. The benefits are that I can be creative; I can use pictures, different fonts to grab my audience’s attention and pictures to help further my message. The limitations I face is not having enough space without making my project look clustered.


    Arnelle Martinson

    For the final project I chose to use the genre about an informational claim against violent video games. I used google docs to create a poster to show my audience that violent video games create a negative impact on teenagers . I chose a poster because I believe that I can grab my audience attention with pictures of gun violence and how violent video games are one of the main factors causing them. The limitations I face is that a poster mostly consists of pictures and I cannot add too many words.


    cecelia melton

    activity; provide context

    For project 3, I decided the best way for me to to get my point across was with a speech, to talk to city officials. To educate people on the major issues in NYCHA. I feel as if a speech would the best way to get everyones attention. Also to call out the the unbelievable living conditions. Also to ask what will change the current circumstances, when will these changes come and how. Also to just enforce better communication between local city officials and NYCHA tenants. Finally just to explain my story and where I come, and why I feel that another community in NYCHA deserves just as better treatment. It doesn’t matter if they are public housing we all deserve to be treated the same.

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