ENG 1121 D430, Spring 2020

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  • Week of May 12th
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    Rebekah Coleman

    Please Post a Response to ONE of the ACTIVITY Tabs on the PowerPoint for the Week of May 12th!


    Ray-Ana W.

    I think my most memorable assignment was the Discourse Community project. My reason for choosing this was that it was something new to me that I had never done before. It was so enjoyable to learn more about a DC and that I had unknowingly been apart of various kinds. The community I focused on was the Manhua (Chinese) and Manga (Japanese) Comics. While doing this it felt great to dig deeper into aspects I had taken for granted, treating it as normal. Moreover, sharing it (teacher) was also a great feeling cause I could pass what I know to others and light a spark in their minds. Overall, I think this class was a learning experience and I am grateful that I took this course.


    Florence Jiang

    What discoveries have your made about yourself as a writer?

    Throughout this whole semester, I have continuously made new discoveries about myself as a writer. If I were to be completely honest, before this semester started I used to write assignments at the very last minute and with no research or background information. Back then when I start writing assignments I would get so frustrated because I didn’t know what to write or how to start because of the lack of background information. However, during this semester I have learned so many things during the process of the first project. To write about my Discourse Community I had to do some background information and it helped my writing process a lot easier. Which then leads to the second project, which is the annotated bibliographies. During this unit I have learned many skills to get good resources to help back up my writing which also made my writing process a lot easier.


    cecelia melton

    What discoveries have you made about yourself as a writer?

    This semester had a challenging start for me, but I have discovered how i am able to go deeper with my writing , not just surface level with more information on the topic. I also saw strengths I had in other genres of writing, for example I wrote a speech for project 3, not only was the topic close to my heart but it was if I was able to pure my heart and feelings into this speech and show how passionate I am when it comes to this topic. Also Just how well I was able to use the rhectorical devices and use them in my writing. Its put me in a better headspace as far as my writing.


    Shannia Thomas

    This class was challenging but it was a useful learning experience. This sudden switch to online writing in the mid-semester threw me off. English is not one of my favorite subjects and I really needed traditional learning for me to actually understand it. It resulted in me procrastinating a lot. Looking back I would have done a lot of things differently. I should have kept a planner with my assignments dates. That way some of the difficulties I face, for example, my word count could have been fixed. However, this was a useful learning experience because I now know how important research and drafting are. I know that writing is a process and you might not get your perfect work your first time. I wrote a poem for the first time and I learned that this genre differs from other genres.

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