ENG 1121 D430, Spring 2020

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  • Week of April 20th
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    Rebekah Coleman

    Dear Class,
    Here are the activities from the PowerPoint, please respond to them on this Discussion Page. I really hope you will also take the time to read through each other’s responses and reply to each other! I think it makes the Discussion much more interesting!

    Here is an example of a multimodal text! Read this example of a multimodal text and write a brief response. Questions to consider: What modes does the author incorporate? What did you think it?


    Here is a second example of a multimodal text! Read this example of a multimodal text and write a brief response. Questions to consider: What modes does the author incorporate? What did you think it?

    The Art of Trespassing (8.1)


    Reply to the Following Prompts:
    **When I ask what genre you would use, I mean, would you write an article, send a letter, write a speech, make a podcast, etc.**
    1. If you wanted to convince drivers in your neighborhood to slow down on local streets, what genre would you use? Why?
    2. If you wanted to convince CityTech to provide computers to all students at the beginning of freshman year, what genre would you use? Why?
    3. If you wanted to get sell a brand new product to teenagers, what genre would you use?


    Please write a brief (1 paragraph) description of the genre you choose. Explain the genre you choose and WHY you choose this genre to match purpose and audience. How does it best reach your target audience?


    Florence Jiang

    Activity 1:
    In the first activity Chelsea Harrison uses linguistic and visual modes to convince the audience. Harrison tried to convince college students by relating to them. To do that she used words and drawings to hook them in. In this text I agree with her statements as well. Social media is both good and bad. The media could be a good way to spread awareness but also very harmful if used too much.
    Activity 2:
    In this activity a video was being displayed title ” The Art of Trespassing”. The modes of communication the author used was linguistic, visual, and aural. In the video there were many photos shown and in the background there were music playing as well. To be honest I didn’t like how this was being displayed because a lot of it was very distracting. For example the music in the background was a bit too loud and some of the clips were very confusing as well.
    Activity 3:
    -I would put up a sign to signal the drivers to slow down. Putting up a sign would be the best way to notify them because drivers are used to signs when driving.
    -Sending out a letter, speech, or a petition to City Tech would be the best because you want to voice out your opinions with words to convince them.
    -Having ads being displayed on the media would be best because teens are most likely to be on social media.
    Activity 4:
    The genre I chose for my project would be some type of blog post. My problem is how gender stereotypes shown on the media can be harmful to teens and the society in general. My intended audience would be to parents and teachers because they can help solve this problem. Therefore, a blog post would be the most sufficient way to convince them.


    Daniel Espinoza

    1. Chelsea Harrison uses an artistic approach with the project to get her point across. I feel that its a good way to use drawn pictures with little writing cause in this generation, majority of people would prefer to look at something rather than read something in my opinion. The point she was getting across is about social media and the goods and bads about it. Overall, a great project with a great message.

    2. The “Art of Trespassing” uses a video with a slideshow of photos and videos with commentary to break down each source. Videos are always great cause it can grab the person’s attention rather quickly. They can also be engaging and interactive. I thought that the video was executed well because the commentary and sources are smooth with good transitions.

    a) I would use a sign because the driver will always have their attention on the road and signs to ensure the best and safest ride possible.
    b) I would either use a speech or a poll. For a speech, it would be enough to get the attention from City Tech with enough people supporting the cause. For a poll, it would cause numbers don’t lie and if the poll has enough participants City Tech will get the message.
    c) I feel that ads from instagram or snapchat and such would probably catch the eye to teenagers cause teens generally find news from social media which helps the brand.

    4. The genre that I would like to do is something similar to what Chelsea Harrison did. I feel that my message will get across better with pictures that have writing. My target audience is everyone: elder, young, teenagers, adults and such because they will all understand the problem. My purpose is to inform the audience about the dangers of technology despite how advanced technology has made us.


    Alexandros Veliz


    Harrison uses a very visual and artistic approach on her topic. She talks about weather or not the use of social media positively or negatively effects someone. She uses a lot of drawings with text to convey her messages and I agree with her views. Weather or not social media can be good or bad is entirely deponent on the person.


    The video show was a multi modal presentation about the art of trespassing on the abandon building of Detroit. Throughout the whole video the authors used magazine covers, videos, voice recordings, and music to immerse the audience with a world not many people knew existed while informing them about thee struggles the city of Detroit have been facing for decades.


    1. If I wanted to convince drivers in your neighborhood to slow down on local streets I would use a video of someone dying from a heart attack so I can convict the audience using pathos.
    2. If I wanted to convince City Tech to provide computers to all students at the beginning of freshman year I would use a power point presentation to inform the people in charge to consider it.
    3. If I wanted to get sell a brand new product to teenagers i would you a entertaining video or add on social media to grab their attention.


    The genre that i will choose to use for my topic will be a a visual article using pictures from either the internet or Photoshop by myself. This genre would best fit my purpose and audience because most people either of my age, younger, or older would have a better and easier time understand what i want to say and grab their attention.


    yanuela abreu

    Activity 1- Chelsea Harrison uses visual approach on her topic to give her point of view. She uses drawing and a bit of writing to get her audience attention. Since this generation get caught when seeing pictures instead of seeing many words. She shows that social media can be a good and bad thing. Social media is a good thing because it keeps you caught up on things, its bad because it can affect people if they over use it.

    Activity 2- In the video ” The Art of Trespassing” uses a multimodal presentation to show his point. Videos always catch the audience attention, which is a good way to present the information. With the music being used it makes the audience want to stay focused on what they are seeing.

    Activity 3- A) If I wanted to convince my neighborhood to slow down on local streets I would use a sign, because they will always be able to see and have the attention on the signs when driving and will make their trip safe to where ever they go.
    B) If I wanted to convince City Tech to provide computers to the students at the beginning of freshman year I would use a speech or letter because when reading or listening to the speech they will consider the importance of computers for the students.
    C) If I wanted to get sell a brand new product to teenagers I would present ads on social media because it would be a easy way to get their attention since most teenagers pass their time on social media.

    Activity 4- The genre that I would use would be pictures of diagrams and writing because I would get teenagers attention. Which would be a easy way that they will understand that being so much time on their phones or laptops is not always as good for them.


    Ray-Ana W.

    Activity 1. The author uses many pictures and creates visual images that hep to get the reader engaged. moreover, the use of short sentences allows readers not to be overwhelmed with too much information. The only time a quote about important facts are full long sentence which indicated to the reader that the information needed to be taken into consideration. The only issues I had was on one page that had may different images and shirt sentences. I felt as though it was a tad disorganized and I was not sure which sentence referred to what images. However, over all the author did a well job in the multimodal and got the message across in a fun and education way.

    Activity 2. In this piece although images were used it was a complete different and vivid visual piece. through the use of a video I was able to learn about the topic that I honestly never heard of. There were some music in the background that was a bit distracting and Im not sure how it helped. Though it was an informative piece it was not too powerful.

    Activity 3.
    1. If I was writing to driving in my neighborhood I would use a pod cast. People who drive use the radio and as a result they would get the message and while driving and their hands not being free they would have no choice but to listen.
    2. If I was writing to City Tech to provide computers to all students at the beginning of freshman year then I would write a letter in an email. This is the most used and efficient way of communication I used as a college student.
    3. If I wanted to communicate to students to sell a new brand then I would use an ad that would play on several social media outlets. This would allow that information to be found by the audience intended and would properly get and even wider audience because social media reaches people of all ages on a wide scope.

    Activity 4. The gene I am choosing is a graphic novel. One because not only was it suggested to me by my teacher. Also I think it would be a good way to get my information to be ingested. The information about my topic is not a so interesting to all. So I hope that as I use the images \it will engage my reader. Furthermore, it would allow my message to be shown in multiple ways that people can visually see. To top it off I just really like and enjoy photos, images, drawing, and pictures and would love to incorporate in my assignment.


    Gianluca Alioto

    Activity 1.
    In the first article the author uses alot of images to get his point across. Her main goal was to explain to us the effects of social media and what it has on her as well as us teens. she was relating her situation to ours and it made getting her point across more effective. The majority of the article was read by using pictures to describe the effects and even give us some definitions as to some words we should know, those being milenial and self-esteem. overall I thought that the article was peiced together well and I enjoyed reading it and all of its content.
    Activity 2.
    In the second activity it was a video being displayed and it was about a group of friends explaining what they call “The Art of Trespassing”. It goes into saying how many people use the idea for videos, pictures, and even a little bit of fame by posting their videos or pictures all over the internet. In reading the students reflection by Justin Graffa he wanted to create the video to give it some emotional weight to reflect the nature of the subject. he goes onto saying that the audio played a big part because it cues drives the video, from it being a mocking tone to a sobering effect. it was important to maintain a tone because its easy to dismiss the topuc if its frivolous. overall I thought that it was very intersting to watch and see another side of the world and what goes on and how kids close to my age are doing what they like.
    Activity 3.
    -If I wanted to slow down drivers in my neighborhood then I would use pictures and signs to alert them and for them to slow down so the kids can play safer without worry.
    -If I were to get my a message across to city tech students about giving away laptops then I would probaly use email and even send a SMS only because the generation of today the majoirty of them are always on their phone and it would be more effeicent to get my message across.
    -Lastly, If i wanted to get my message across to teenagers about my clothing brand then I will use pictures because then my buyers can see how the item actually looks on other people and they can decide for themselves if it would look good on them or not.
    Activity 4.
    the gere that I will most likely use is more visual aided. Me being a visual leraner I find it easier to like things that I can see and for me talking about a topic and using visuals is easier to get my point across. It would best reach my target audince because I will provide information that is eye catching and makes the reader want to learn more and keep reading.


    1. In this multimodal text, the mode that the author uses is through visual presentations. It is presented like a visual storybook, lots of pictures used, and in pages 34-35, the cited quotes are written like a text message, which makes it appealing. In addition, statistics are utilized. The entire multimodal text is hand drawn (except the last page).

    2. In the second multimodal text, the mode that the author uses is through both visual and auditory presentation. It is presented as an informative video how Detroit deteriorated. This video uses visual and sound effects in order to enhance the quality of the video. The credits are included in order to include the citations. I have noticed that segments of different videos were used from different sources.

    3a. If I want to convince drivers to slow down, I would use regulation signs, because signs capture immediate attention to drivers and they can be read from far apart. These signs would say “SPEED LIMIT 20” or similar to that.
    3b. If I want to convince the institution (City Tech) to provide computers, I would write a letter (or an e-mail) to the principal and the administrative team, because they are professionals and would actually take the time to read the content.
    3c. If I want to sell a new product to teenagers, I would create an advertisement whether is on television, on the streets, or online. Not only advertisements appeal to teenagers, advertisers (me in this case) will also generate revenue!

    4. For this multimodal project, my genre I’ll choose is a PowerPoint presentation, because I will be presenting information as if I were conducting a board meeting along with other MTA employees. While the setting of the project is designed to be professional since there will be MTA employees, it will also include lots of visuals.



    1. Using an artistic approach helped Chelsea get her point across. Having an illustration made her project more interesting and contributed to showing the pros and cons of social media.

    2. The video used photos while music was playing in the background. In my opinion, the music was too loud, making it a distraction, which may discourage others even to finish the video.

    3. – If I wanted to convince drivers to slow down on local streets, I would use a commercial that can be played on the radio to ensure that most drivers hear it.
    – If I wanted to convince CityTech to provide computers to all students, I would use a petition because it seems like an excellent way to get all student’s voices out there.
    -To sell a brand new product, I would get popular influencers to promote my product using an ad on all social media sites.
    4. – I would use the same genre as Chelsea. Using a genre with images that grab the audience’s attention to ensure that my project did its job, whether its to entertain, persuade, or educate.

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