ENG 1121 D430, Spring 2020

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  • Unit 2 - Lesson 2 - HW - "Affordable Housing Policies"
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    Rebekah Coleman

    Read: “Affordable Housing Policies May Spur Gentrification, Segregation” by Brian Paul.


    1. According to the article, what are the positive AND negative effects of gentrification on Greenpoint?
    2. According to the author, what may be causing the acceleration of gentrification of Brooklyn?
    3. What specific areas in Brooklyn are chosen to be sites for affordable homes? According to the author, what are the effects of these decisions?
    4. How convincing was the piece? What did you think?


    Justin Guillen

    1. According to the article, the positive effects of gentrification on Greenpoint is that the crime rate went down tremendously and education with transportation improved heavily. Funding from the city is the reason for this. However, rent was almost doubled in price due to the new luxury units that were placed to improve the neighborhood. Another negative effect was the lack of affordable housing meaning that there is less of the common public moving into these homes.
    2.According to Brian Paul, the cause of the acceleration of gentrification in Brooklyn is the amount of funding from CPC and private investors. The evidence shown in the article is when the author says “more than 65 percent of the 701 million dollars invested in Brooklyn have gone to market rate development.”This means that most of the funding was put into luxury housing rather than the focused affordable housing CPC focuses on.
    3.The areas chosen for affordable homes are the ones on the outskirts of Brooklyn like Brownsville and East New York. The author explains that the effects of these decisions is it concentrates the crime and poverty into one location. This causes the crime to increase across the borough due to the conditions being forced upon the unwealthy. Also, this makes it that their is less affordable housing in areas that have no crime, leaving the general public that can’t afford the wealthy apartments to be forced in crime and struggle.
    4.The piece was entirely true. I live in a gentrified neighborhood so I notice how all the affordable housing is being into one place. I believe this is a horrible plan as it just concentrates the crime. Also, gentrification is good as it improves the well being of the people who live in these neighborhoods.


    Ray-Ana W.

    1) According to the article, the positive effects of gentrification on Greenpoint made the high crime, vacant buildings and a shortage of basic government services stop happening. One resident said it gave his “kids got a shot at a good education ‘ and safety-wise, the crime is almost non-existent in the neighborhood, now you can walk around at night without a problem”.However, the average market rents have doubled and rent-stabilized tenants face increasing pressure from landlords looking to give it to new residents who can afford it. Despite such promise of leaving space for long time residents , this public-private, affordable-luxury model of development has not produced enough affordable housing to meet their needs.
    2) “The investment in the luxury market is concentrated on the frontier of gentrification in neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Clinton Hill, South Park Slope and Prospect Heights.”
    3) Neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Clinton Hill, South Park Slope and Prospect Heights, East Brooklyn Congregations’ Nehemiah Houses and renovations of the Riverdale Osborne Towers, both in Brooklyn, and the Parkchester complex in the Bronx. According to the author some houses are affordable while others are not and instead are turning into luxury homes. From what I have seen more than others.
    4) This was a very convincing piece because it happens before my very eyes. Although they are not my neighborhood I see it happening al, the time. Gentrification is creating unaffordable houses that the previous owner can not afford with all the added luxury but other people can. All of those people are being pushed out and will most likely not have anywhere to go. The idea of gentrification is good but it is not being done right.


    1. The positive effects of gentrification in Greenpoint is crime has reduced and education has improved. However, the negative effects of gentrification are there is more pressure from tenants involving rent. With gentrification, rent may increase significantly. In addition, New York may have actually lost affordable housing due to deals by for-profit developers.
    2. The promotion of both public and private investments causes the accelerating gentrification of Brooklyn. In addition, it is a compromise between real estate developers and communities, which works best for both. Hybrid investments will allow some profit while being affordable.
    3. The areas chosen to be sites are: Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights. The effects of these decisions are that these areas are being gentrified and have luxury projects.
    4. I find this piece isn’t for me, since I live in Queens. However, it was nice to know a little about gentrification. When I read this piece, I think about gentrification is like adjusting into a middle-class society, mixing with profits and non-profits.


    Daniel Espinoza

    1. The positive effect of the gentrification on Greenpoint is the the crime rate went down when before it was higher. A negative effect is the pricing of rent as in doubled and not many people can afford to live. The City officials were attempting at making affordable housing for people but it failed. Many of the promise to produce more housing didn’t happen.
    2. What caused the engine of acceleration of gentrification of Brooklyn is that many of private investors invested in building rich luxury housing which is only suitable for the rich and maybe the middle class. This was elevating gentrification and city officials were not building affordable hosing for people who are less fortunate.
    3. One specific area where it was chosen for affordable housing was East Brooklyn. Many people disagreed with this idea but many abandoned buildings were created also known as the Projects. Many money was flown between the government and the private entities like CPC because money was needed to fund the buildings.
    4. I relate to this piece because I live in Brooklyn and I know that life is hard. I was very fortunate to live in a stable home that family worked hard to have. People getting pushed out of their house due to gentrification is cruel for me. It makes it seem like the rich control the narrative of people’s lives. Gentrification is a good concept but it can’t get executed well as we think.



    1. The positive effect of gentrification on Greenpoint is crime rate decreasing substantially. But in order to install new luxury units residents doubled which left the neighborhood looking elsewhere for affordable housing.

    2. The cause of the acceleration of gentrification of Brooklyn are the private investors putting their money towards housing that’s only meant to house a selective few and not the majority who need affordable housing.

    3. Areas like Williamsburg, Clinton Hill, South Park Slope, and Prospect Heights. By financing luxury development in gentrified neighborhoods and influencing the politics of local nonprofit organization may contribute to the accelerating gentrification of Brooklyn.

    4. My heart goes out to everyone who was negatively impacted on the gentrification of Brooklyn no one deserves to be pushed out of their home to make room for people who want to live in luxury.


    Gianluca Alioto

    1. When reading the article I found that the positive effects were that Manuela’s Kid’s had a good shot at getting a good education, as for safety, it was almost non-existent an you were able to walk around with not a worry or problem. Along with the transportation was improved significantly. some of the negatives included were that the rent in that specific area were almost doubled and that the rent stabalized tenants faced increasing pressure from landlords. The only thing that were seeing was profit and their money going up and they didnt care about the people.

    2. The main problem that may be causing the acceleration of gentrification in Brooklyn is that according to Brian Paul he states that the amount of funding is from CPC and Private investors. I agree with what Micheal said and his point stating ” more than 65 percent of the 701 million dollars invested in Brooklyn have gone to market rate development”. This meant that more money that was invested was strictly going to the market and it was increasing the market rate.

    3. According to the Article the specific areas in Brooklyn which are chosen to be sites for affordable homes are areas like Williamsburg, Clinton HIll, GreenPoint, and Prospect part, and even some of the more outskirts of Brooklyn. The effects of having the affordable homes according to the author are that it concentrates the crime and poverty into one location. Meaning that crime will most likely increase in some areas and it also makes some places less affordable in some areas.

    4. In my opinion I believe that this artile was very convincing and it got its point across very well. It is kind of sad for the people who have to go through this and may have to live in these times and deal with the affordable housing. The article was very strong at getting its point across and I belive it was written very well because it informed me alot about what is actually going on in todays world and how the market value in some homes are really affected.


    Arnelle Martinson

    1)As I was reading the article, “Affordable Housing Policies May Spur Gentrification Segregation” by Brian Paul, I noticed many positive and negative impacts in Greenpoint. The positive impact about gentrification and cream point was that the crime rate has gone down tremendously. Also gentrification has helped with education improvement. The negative effects of gentrification is that the tenants have been forced to move out due to the increase in rent which is unfair.

    2)According to the article the cause of a celebration of gentrification of Brooklyn the private investors are making it difficult for there to be affordable housing. Five investors are investing their money in houses or buildings for mainly people who have a high income.

    3)According to the article the specific areas to be sites for affordable homes are Williamsburg, Clinton Hill, Prospect Park and Prospect Heights.

    4)I can relate to this article because in the neighborhood I live within it has also gone through gentrification. Gentrification has had a negative impact in my household because our rent has gone up quite a bit and it’s not fair to my parents and other tenants because they sometimes have not been able to afford the rent.


    cecelia melton

    1. According to the the article, the positive effects are the fact that it has created a better education for the children in the neighborhood and also it has lowered the crime rates. The negative effects have been that since landlords are increasing rent, tenants who have been in this neighborhood for years are being forced to move out.

    2. CPC and other private investors are receiving funding to create models while also setting aside a couple units for affordable housing but instead are creating apartments without any affordable housing units. 701 million dollars was invested into this market rate, therefore increasing the value of the property themselves.

    3. According to the article, areas for public housing are mostly located in parts of Brooklyn that only concentrated with African American and Latin Americans. These areas are East New York and Brownsville, these areas also have high crime rates and lack of good education.

    4.This piece was really convincing, it sheds a light on how these companies aren’t taking into consideration the families that been in these neighborhoods for generations. All they are thinking of is the money, this is something unfortunately is happening all around NYC. No one is really talking about how much money it really costs to live in NYC.

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