ENG 1101 — LCO5 — Writing the Recipe of Opportunity, Fall 2020

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ENG 1101 -- LCO5 -- Writing the Recipe of Opportunity, Fall 2020
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ENG 1101
Semester / Year
Fall 2020
Course Description

Explore and share your passion for hospitality and food by taking the required courses of HMGT 1101, HMGT 1102, and ENG 1101 together as a learning community! Together with other Hospitality Management students, you will practice the essential foundations of what it means to be a hospitality professional. You will explore deeply what brought you to this field, how to think about your own interests, how to communicate your ideas in the most useful ways, and how share your goals as a professional to the widest audience possible. If you are ready to discover opportunity, this learning community will have the right recipe of experiences to help you feed your career!

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