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  • Reaction to Atonement movie
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    Q: The movie was crazy, very emotional

    Q: I knew what was happening, but i got confused when some scenes were repeating but i noticed it was just two perspectives.

    Q: Both, because she is young and clearly did not know the full story of what was going on but she also had a crush on the boy.

    Q: The ending hit me by surprise it was really tragic that they had to die.



    I thought the film was extremely long but I wasn’t who the film was for. Although the cameraman and production did an amazing job. The clothes and even the setting were beautiful. Also Knowing that Lola wasn’t raped does change my perspective on her situation.

    Now I feel I understand better since I didn’t understand why they were so mad at her for speaking up about Lola being raped. Yes, she accused the wrong person but it happened was the mindset I had about it but now I most definitely can understand Robbie and Cecilia’s feelings.

    I think she truly misunderstood the situation. She thought she was doing the right thing and helping a victim. When she was being tricked in a way. If she meant to ruin Robbie’s life I doubt later on she would feel remorse.

    I was caught a little off guard because out of nowhere it jumped to later on. Also, I thought that Robbie and Cecilia were already together. It was sad how they both died.

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