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  • Discussion questions on 4,5,6
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    Saba Chaudhry

    4. A Rose for Emily

    A) – “A sort of respectful affection for a fallen monument,”
    -“The gasoline pumps-an eyesore among eyesores.”

    B) “You’re speaking gibberish,” “That was a piece of cake,” “Life is a journey,” and “Don’t shoot the messenger.” ”

    C) The people of the town

    D) The first sentence criticizes women because it states to care about the inside of the house instead of being a certain way at the funeral.

    E) Emily bought arsenic, which worried people that she might kill herself.

    F) He was a laborer.

    G) We find out that Miss Emily killed Homer because he was a homosexual. we find his body in the locked room.

    H)Since he was homosexual this was Emily’s motive for killing him. The lines highlighted the fact that he liked men.

    I) This shows that women can be so spiteful that they would murder over something they didn’t like.

    5) “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”

    A) The women don’t appear to have actual names but the men do. Showing men are of more importance than women.

    E). The grandmother says that the misfit is like her son, she realizes they are both humans, people, she sympathizes

    G) I don’t think the author is biased against men, but he shows that a man can have good qualities and still turn out horrible.

    “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber”

    A. He wanted to highlight each event and how it came to be.

    B. Francis Macomber, his wife Margot Macomber, and Robert Wilson.

    C. The author wants us to like Robert Wilson and dislike Margot Macomber and Francis Macomber.

    D. It doesn’t matter at all. The models are hired to sell the product based on their appearance and fame. If it actually mattered if they used it no company would make any money.

    E. It shows that Margot is very powerful. She is seen with high regard.

    F. . They went hand in hand together, They have power over each other which is why they work. Francis needs the beautiful woman by his side, and he was secure because he had money to make her stay. While Margot knew how to keep Francis in check because he had low self-esteem

    G She wanted to be with Robert Wilson. she couldn’t if she was married so she had to shoot Francis, it was the only way out of the marriage.

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