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  • August 25, 2022 Why is writing important?
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    Prof. Masiello

    Please answer these questions using full sentences. Post your answers right herer in the Discussion folder.

    1) Why do you like or dislike writing?

    2) Do you like to read? What kinds of things do you read?

    3) What kind of writing do you currently do aside from college work? For examples, do you have to write at work, do you send texts and emails, do you like to write on your own, blogs, stories, journals, etc.? Please explain.

    4) Explain why you feel you are better at speaking than at writing, or better at writing than at speaking, or do you do them both the same?

    4) Name as many things as you can that we use while speaking to help get the message across, aside from the words we say.

    5) Write down every punctuation mark that you know which we use in writing.

    6) List the marks that you know about but do not now for sure how to use.

    7) Read over the syllabus that is posted in both the Docs and Files folder, and write down any questions that come to mind about the course.

    8) Remember to post your replies in the Discussion folder and read the posts of your classmates.


    Elin Louz

    1: What I like about writing is that you feel more intimate with your thoughts as if you took picture of them. writing is a way of documenting something camera never could, your personal thoughts.
    2: I do love to read, my favorite genre is SCI-FI. I feel transformed into a whole other world when I am reading it certainly calms me.
    3: I don’t do much writing aside from college work. my usual writing through my day consists of emails / texts.
    4: I feel I am better at speaking than writing due to me preforming better under pressure. This even includes if I am speaking to someone or giving a public speech I feel speaking is easier for me to verbalize my thoughts and or get my points across.
    5: marks we can use while writing are commas , periods, question mark, semicolon ,dash, hyphen, brackets , braces ,parentheses, quotation mark and ellipsis.

    What you wrote makes good sense. I liked what you said about the enjoyment in reading How you wrote it needs attention. There are capitals and punctuation marks you need more care in using. That’s why we are here.

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    Tiffany O

    1.) I like writing because it allows me to be creative and put my thoughts into words. It allows me to express myself in a different way.

    2.) Yes, I like to read. I read anything that catches my attention. Thriller, romance, fiction, etc.

    3.) Aside from college work, I write for fun in my journals or notes. I like to create short stories and show them to my friends and family.

    4.) I feel I am moderate at both. At times I am able to speak my thoughts better and other times I able to write my thoughts rather than speaking them.

    5.) Things we use while speaking to get the message across: metaphors, pictures, drawings, similes, and personification.

    6.) Marks we use in writing are, commas, periods, apostrophe’s, semicolon, exclamation point, hyphens, dash, slash, and quotation marks.

    7.) The only question is when do we start the research assignment and will we discuss it in class?

    We will gradually discuss the research paper throughout the semester, and there will be many documents posted to help you along. Right now you can choose the book you want to read and let me know which one it is.

    Your answer for number 5 sounds like you are describing writing, not speaking. Speaking uses different methods. You can see the replies from your classmates for more ideas, like tone of voice. It almost seems like we have more things at our fingertips to use while speaking than while writing, but…writing has its own special devices.


    Tahreem Imran

    1. I like writing because i personally feel like writing gives you a better chance to describe what you actually want to say and convey. It’s the best way you can be creative with your thoughts.
    2. Yes, I like to read books that are graphic, mystery and short stories (poetry).
    3. I send out a lot of email currently to my professors and the college if I have any concerns related to the course or anything in general.
    4. I think I’m better at writing than speaking because it gives me a better ideas and phrases to put my words together while in speaking I am just shy sometimes.
    4. -Body language
    -Be specific, not general
    -Be positive
    -Listen first, then comment
    -Be respectful
    5. -Question mark
    -Quotation marks
    -Full stop
    -Semi Colon
    -Ellipse Mark

    6.- Apostrophe
    – Hyphen
    7. -I was concerned about the due dates
    -The “open lab”app is actually really confusing me.

    We all will get more accustomed to using OpenLab. Basically the Discussion folder is the equivalent to us having class discussions. Simple writing exercises will either be posted in this folder (as replies) or sent to me via email. I will always explain the options. Essays must only be emailed to me. They are private between the student and the professor. In number 2 you seem to imply that short stories and poetry are synonymous. They are different genres.

    Also, when you wrote “graphic,” I assume you mean graphic novels. “Graphic” used alone means something else!


    Shane Osbourne

    1) I like writing because it allows you to get your point across about a topic and gives you the freedom to write about anything you want that’s been on your mind but just on paper so it is easier to dissect or get across faster and clear.

    2) I don’t normally like to read because I tend to get detracted or lost while reading because its either untrusting to me or just flat-out boring but I need to start reading more now because I’m going to be writing a lot more about topics now than I ever did in my life.

    3) I don’t do much writing outside of school, the only time I’ll write is when I’m texting or when I free write to myself in the notes app about things that I’m going through or thoughts that are running through my mind at the time.

    4) Daily I am better at speaking more than I am better at writing because whatever pops into my head I can just say without thinking too much about it and it is faster to get my point across with words but when I need to be serious with someone about things that would be difficult to say in person because it’s not all there yet in my mind so writing it down where you have more time ad control with what you want to say is where I feel like I do better at writing than I do speaking.

    5) Question marks, periods, exclamation marks, commas, quotation marks, apostrophes, Colons, parentheses, ellipsis, slash.

    6) Semicolon, Hyphen, Dash, brackets.



    You touched on some important differences between speaking and writing. Speaking is more spontaneous. Writing takes more thought. We all have more experience speaking (since we learned to talk) than writing (which starts later in our childhoods). However,
    because writing takes more time, each word probably is more meaningful than when we talk, and do not want to leave long pauses so we throw in words like “you know” and “um.” Also, one additional benefit in learning to write better is that we end up probably speaking a bit better too.



    1) I like to write even journaling since it gives you the control what to write and to express your opinion. Writing can make us see things from a different perspective.

    2) I like to read mystery/thrill books. Definitely makes me eager to finish the book all in one day.

    3) Aside from college work I enjoy journaling, definitely is a healthy way to express my emotions and its a great way for healing. Writing can help you heal and at times give closure. I write to create a story even if no one reads it, because trauma and rough experiences motivates you to overcome and writing through out the journey can show how far you’ve come.

    4) I am better more at speaking especially during presentations. It helps to know how to get familiar with my environment.

    5) Tone is important, it determines how much you know and wether you understand, body language, photos, graphs, charts are ways to clearly explain what it is you are explaining.

    6) A period (.) Comma (,) question mark (?) Exclamation (!) Colon (:) and a semicolon (;)

    7) I don’t know when to use the comma or the semicolon


    We will see and practice the various punctuation marks.
    In you replies, you sound like you are talking more about oral presentations–hence, the need for charts, graphs–than just regular talking face-to-face. Also, you are not alone in saying that writing things down can be therapeutic. Writing our thought down just for our own edification helps to clear many bad thoughts from churning around in our heads.

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    Hao Yu M

    1)Yes, I do like writing, and the reason why I do is that I would want to express my opinions and ideas after I think about a certain topic, and also see things in a different perspective.

    2) Reading novels is my second favorite thing to do other than eating tasty food, and usually I prefer reading any stories that are interesting, but my favorite will be the stories of fantasies.

    3) Other than college work, the reasons for me to write are mostly writing emails and texting.

    4) I think I did better on writing because while writing I could have more time to think about what to write, but when it comes to speaking, it might be hard for me to come up with words to describe my ideas.

    5) I think while speaking, body language is a good way to send messages other than just words.

    6) The punctuation marks we will use on writing that I know are comma, period, semicolon, colon, quotation marks, question mark, dash and exclamation mark.

    7) The marks that I am not familiar with will be the dash and the semicolon.

    8) The only questions about the class is that when will the due day of the daily works and the discussion posts, and also I was wonder how would the attendance will be taken.

    Hao Yu,

    Attendance is judged by your replies to each class meeting’s assignment. If there is a decent reply, you are marked present. Classmates who do not post in time are marked absent.

    Each assignment is due either by the next class meeting or at a later time, and those deadlines will be made clear for each day’s work.

    As for texting, many people–even English teachers (but not I)–like to use abbreviations rather than full words so it is not a way to improve one’s writing!


    Zacarah King

    1) I like writing because it can come in the form of many different genres. Writing includes inner monologue, this reveals a character’s true emotions, desires, and opinions. It is very easy to look at the actions and characteristics of a person and make judgments. In writing, you are welcomed into the mind of the narrator, it conveys a character’s perspective in a beautiful literary way.
    2) I like to read shirts stories and many book series with film adaptions. Many feature films tend to change characters and lose vital storylines, dialogues between characters, and plot points. when you read the original published books you discover more things than the movies unveiled for their audience. This typically is more common within the fictional genre, which I have much interest in. Whether it be love, thriller, adventure, mythical, or mystery. my additional interest includes any nonfiction writing that discusses historical events or social issues
    3) As part of college work I like to keep a personal therapeutic journal and I also write short stories mainly thrillers and mysteries.
    4) I feel that I am better at writing than I am at speaking. having more time to think about what I want to say and how I want to say it in the best and most clear way.
    5) We use punctuation marks in writing, such as periods, commas, exclamation marks, question marks, colons, semicolons, dashes, parentheses, quotation marks, apostrophes, and hyphens.
    6) The Punctuation that I know of but do not know how to use would be the square and curly brackets.
    7) At what point in the semester will we start the research paper? What are all of the MLA manuscript requirements?


    We will gradually discuss the research paper throughout the semester, and there will be many documents posted to help you along. Right now you can choose the book you want to read and let me know which one it is. Students often do not know anything about MLA. I will show you what that is all about well before the research paper is due.

    Regarding answer one, talking about inner monologues and narration, it sounds like you are describing what literary writers do. When we write essays it is less figurative and more literal. It is great that you like to read fiction.


    Matthew Ozaeta

    1) I dislike writing because the process of organizing my thoughts into cohesive and grammatically correct sentences is long and tedious. I always spend an absurd amount of time thinking about how to explain my thoughts best before I can write anything down.

    2) Reading can be fun and enjoyable when done in moderation. I like to read manga and light novels.

    3) I only write whenever I text family or friends, email someone, or comment on a youtube video.

    4a) I don’t think that I am particularly good at either. My struggle to organize my thoughts before I write also extends to when I have to speak to someone. Though I am bad at both of them, I much prefer speaking to someone over writing to them. I tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist whenever I write anything, which leads to me taking an annoyingly long time to complete whatever I write. Even responses to simple questions like this one can end up taking more than 10 minutes to answer.

    4b) Intonation and body language can help us get our messages across when speaking to other people.

    5) I know how to use periods, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, hyphens, dashes, parentheses, quotation marks, and apostrophes.

    6) I have trouble knowing when to use colons and semicolons.

    7) Will the entire course be asynchronous? If so, then what constitutes attendance for this class? Is there a certain time limit or due date to post responses to discussion posts like this one?


    Right now the plan is just to keep the course asynchronous. I will show you how to use the punctuation marks you are uncertain about. What you wrote, above, is rather well expressed.


    Ariel Benmoshe

    1) I dislike writing because I don’t believe that there should be a format and certain rules that someone has to follow to put their ideas on a piece of paper. Writing should not be so critical nor demanding.

    2) I do like to read but in moderation. I believe it is unethical to get slammed with assignments and then have to read nearly 100 pages of a novel or textbook. I enjoy reading books based on true events or quite the opposite, the sci-fi/fantasy novels.

    3) The only writing I do outside of college work is texting. I do not enjoy extensive writing so I do not have any personal blogs or journals.

    4a) I believe I am a far better speaker than I am a writer because in speech you are not confined to certain formats. It allows me to express myself freely without having to worry about making a mistake or lose some points if it were to be an assignment.

    4b) Body language is important in helping to get a message across along with the tone of your speech.

    5) Quotation marks, question mark, exclamation mark, period, comma, apostrophe, colon, semicolon, ellipses.

    6) I do not know when to use any type of brackets in my writing.

    7) My questions have already been answered by other students. Thank you!


    You are probably thinking of speaking face-to-face to individuals (which is correct), but in a speech course, you would learn that even in speaking–to a group–there are proper ways, like making eye contact, not doing distracting hand things, etc.

    Probably your testing is free forn without worrying about full words and correct punctuation. Fine.

    But intelligent writing requires rules. Think of it like driving. Drivers need to follow the road signs and rules of driving in the correct direction. If everyone did things any which way, there would be chaos. Hopefully you will come to appreciate good writing in time to do well in your various courses, not just Comp I.


    MD Faisal

    Good work, MD.

    1. I don’t write too much throughout my day to day life but I do like writing. Whenever I get some sort of idea ill just write it down and expand on it later on.
    2. I read some action and comedy stuff whenever I feel bored. I’ll just pick up a story and binge it if it really gets me hooked.
    3. I don’t really write at all. I guess writing down my ideas on something counts but it doesn’t amount to anything unless I really expand on it.
    4. I feel like I’m better at writing then speaking cause I can just write down the things that come to my head and put it on paper whereas when talking I studder a little as if I’m going too fast for me to comprehend it .
    5. There’s tone, volume, body language and hand gestures sometimes when people speak.
    6. Periods, commas, quotation marks, question marks, exclamation marks colons parentheses
    7. Not 100% sure on how to use hyphens dashes semicolons and
    eclipses. Google ellipses a long pause
    8. Still a bit confused on how the class works, I know we use OpenLab but I don’t know if there’s something similar to a zoom call that we have to join or not

    No Zoom. No faces, unless students post their pictures once as their avatars, which is suggested.


    Jakobi Phillips

    1. I like and appreciate writing as a form of expression but that completely goes out the window with the requirements and limits schools put on it.

    2. I dont usually like reading unless theres pictures in the book or for nostalgia purposes. It doesn’t really matter how many words are in the book, I just need to see some type of visual every couple of pages to keep me engaged.

    Nostalgia? Did you mean some other word?

    3. The only writing I do is something more akin to blogging but since its on social media, theres a total disregard for current english laws in a sense.

    4. I feel like Im better when writing than public speaking because I have a bigger window to get all the thoughts out in my head. That being said, I can also be better at speaking if I’m presenting a subject I’m passionate about.

    5. Question marks, periods, exclamation marks, commas, quotation marks, apostrophes, Semicolons, parentheses, slash.

    6. The punctuation marks that I’ve seen but don’t understand how to properly use them include “:”, “-“.

    7. YOU NEED TO DO THIS PART, Jakobi!


    Ali Ammar

    1) I like and appreciate writing for the styles it has, the way people are able to write books or stories that can make a vast impact really sticks out to me.
    2) I’m not a fan of reading however I’m a big fan of the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series written by Rick Riordan.
    3) Aside from college work my primary form of writing is through texts and emails. As much as I like and appreciate writing I haven’t found the interest to write my own stories.
    4) I tend to be much better at speaking since I’m able to portray myself with a tone to what I’m saying that usually helps both me and the people I’m talking to understand the point I am trying to make.
    5) I am aware of, Quotation Marks, Commas, Exclamation marks, Periods, and Apostrophes.
    6) I know about Colons and Semicolons however I have trouble understanding exactly how they’re used.
    7)Ali, you must do this part!

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    Manahill Arshad

    1. I like about writing is that we can say our thoughts and we can be more open to many thoughts and ideas. The thing i dislike is that we can make it in a structure and have it in order.
    2. I like to read books that have suspense or thrill that can make the reader be really curios to read ahead.
    3. I am better at speaking because I can speak out my thoughts and ideas but while writing you have to be careful to where you will end and how you will end or begin a sentence.
    4. I write emails to my professor if I need to, and I write poems about my life.
    5. We mostly use our hands or body language while we speak to someone to make them understand what we are trying to say.
    6. The marks I know is punctuation, question mark, exclamation mark.
    7. So we will be doing everything g online.



    1) Pretty mutual about both sometimes I like to read and other times I enjoy writing.
    2) I don’t mind reading. Science fiction is my favorite genre and a book based on that genre that I have read was “The Road”. My favorite personally
    3)I do a lot of writing at work reason being is taking orders of customers through phone or in person when they walk in. However if I’m not working then I’m not writing at all.
    4) I’m a terrible speaker, pretty much reserved around people and quiet at times. But during work I have no choice but to talk to people. Honestly though I’m a work in progress because I’ve been a little more social to people. Hopefully I can get batter. :)
    5) -Colon
    -Question Mark
    -Exclamation Point
    6) I don’t know how to use a semicolon nor brackets
    7) Openlabs is still confusing and still trying to figure out how class will work throughout the semester. Hopefully I figure it out soon.

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