Concierge Marketing Assignment/HMGT1101-E503

Concierge Marketing Assignment

Janiela Roachford


Prof. Horace Hutchinson

October 21st, 2016



















After twenty years of planning and negotiations between NY Port Authority and community activists, in 1998 Downtown Brooklyn Waterfront Local Development corporation was formed.  What locals now embrace as Brooklyn Bridge Park, in the 19th century was home to Scandinavian and Irish immigrants.  

Since 2008, every year new developed amenities open to the public. Currently Brooklyn Bridge Park comprise of 85 acres, stretching 1.3 miles along the East River. With a mission to be a World class park, by maintaining its recreational, environmental, and cultural attraction enjoyed by the residents, and visitors alike the Waterfront project is expected to be complete in 2020. Some of the attractions are the water lab, jane’s carousel and pop-up pool.  The Waterfront is becoming famous for photoshoots, specifically wedding shoots, art shows and  much more. This Brooklyn Waterfront project is made possible by generous support from Susan and Bill Rifkin; and Joanne Witty and Eugene Keilin.  

The attractions have transformed the waterfront into a lovely family recreational destination.  A family fun filled day can include but is not limited to roller skating at the rink, swimming in the pop-up pool, riding at the Jane’s carousel, playing sports like soccer or kite flying and a picnic on the big lawn. The Brooklyn waterfront has also become a designated tourist attraction. Everyday tourist travel from various areas across the city to the Brooklyn waterfront. It is a great place to view New York city Skylines, as well as gaze at  the Statue of Liberty sitting off in a distance.  Some areas along the waterfront is also used to display artwork of various up and coming artists who are Brooklyn Natives.  They tell stories about the ancestry, linking the immigration and how it transform New york.

The Brooklyn waterfront is a great place to escape the New York everyone has come to love.  The crowded streets, the chatter, the various siren noises, the flashing lights, the anxiety- it brings a sense of peace and remind us that there is peace in midst of chaos.  Visit the Brooklyn WaterFront and experience the real New York.