Concierge Marketing Assignment/HMGT1101-E503

The Brooklyn bridge park is an eighty five acre park.  The park includes piers one to six.  Empire Fulton Ferry, John Street, and Main Street are also included in the length of the park.  Pier 1 is a great place for sightseeing because it has the best area to view the Brooklyn bridge and the lower Manhattan skyline.  It also has great lawns where free events are being held.  It is a good place for picnics with friends and families, tours, dates, meet ups and/or hang outs.  Pier 2 is a place for active recreation.  It is a great place for active teens and adults since there are areas for different kinds of sports.  Pier 3 is a place for people who loves reading books because it is where the Brooklyn Bridge Park Book cart, a small library of books, is located.  Pier 4 is the location of the beach.  It is a good place to go during summer where families can enjoy the water.  Pier 5 is the location of the sports field.  Children, teens, and adults can come here to practice sports.  There is also a picnic area for families, couples, and groups.  Lastly, Pier 6 is where people can play volleyball.  There is a Flower Field that will gives a nice and calming ambiance to the visitors.



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