COMD3503Spring2019 Topics in Graphic Design

Originally I was enrolled in the advertising design module but felt like there was a lot I was missing out on because all we mostly did was ad campaigns. I eventually switched to graphic design and learned so much more. Being in graphic design I designed logos myself actually implementing my own creativity into them regardless of how anyone else felt about them. I became more skillful as a designer as a I am open to learning new things.

After watching TED talk featuring Sunni Brown, she speaks about doodling and how it’s perceived by the doodler and the observer. The doodler could perceive it as a window for free thought and the observer could see it as a distraction or ignorance. She claims that we are blinded from the value of doodling and that it is a powerful tool in which we should remember and relearn. I believe that to be true because I feel like the mind should always relax every once in a while and that the best ideas can come from it. With that being said we should doodle in mostly any given setting as a means to an end.

Doodling has helped me ever since I was a kid and I still do it to this day. In my experience whenever I was given a lecture or been in a classroom where there were hardly any interaction between students and teachers I would doodle because I knew  I would easily get bored and fall asleep. Whenever I would doodle it would help me stay awake and alert in class especially because a teacher would say I wasn’t paying attention in class but actually I retained information while doodling it was like some type of synchronization as if I couldn’t do one without the other. Doodling for me helped me design logos it’s like constantly sketching until you get to the finished product. For I myself it has helped a lot and I believe it can help anyone else as well.

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