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  • Color Triads and Value scale project
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    Color triads and value scale

    11”x14” Bristol
    8”x12” design, outside border (1, 1/5”) NO BORDERS INSIDE DESIGN
    Design includes 2 columns and 3 rows of 4”x4” squares

    2 columns separate light values and dark values (middle values included in each)
    1st row is Primary Color Triad – red, yellow, blue
    2nd row is Secondary color Triad- orange, green, violet
    3rd row is Achromatic palette – blacks, white, gray.

    Design the composition by making somewhat random linear movements across rectangle, overlapping lines so that many shapes develop – must have at least 6 shapes per square.

    Paints are from your supply list palette – magenta, yellow, blue, white, black

    Study color wheel fully – must know all vocabulary fully.

    To mix:
    Red = magenta + yellow
    Orange= magenta + yellow
    Green= blue + yellow
    Violet= magenta + blue

    Shade = color +black
    Tint = color + white
    Tone= color + gray

    Shades, tints and tones are used to change the VALUE of a color.

    Remember yellow is a very light color, so on the dark column your yellow will look greenish.
    Orange is much lighter than red; make sure they are very different. Study the color wheel.
    Add white a pale grays to hues for LIGHT column
    Add medium grays to hues for DARK column

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