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    Cesar Infante

    According to the article “What is the point of college?” by Kwame Anthony Appiah, there is a clear difference between “Utopia U” and “Utility U”. Beginning with the meaning of UTOPIA, which means: a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions. Therefore, UTILITY U emphasizes in the oppression and stress in the world in which we live today, in Utility U you have no freedom, however in UTOPIA U people have free thoughts and the ability to feel and express whatever they want.

    Bringing this issue to the creative world, the main concern is to EXPRESS the difference between these two “words” UTILITY U, and UTOPIA U, but in the world of Visual Communication, which means: GRAPHICALLY.
    There are many ways to express both elements, but we have to think critically, in order to let the picture “showing” by itself.
    Everyday we see UTILITY U, in the street, in college, and even at home.

    Individuals think nowadays that they need FREEDOM, welcome to UTOPIA U, where everybody think all is perfect. In the meantime, nobody wants to deal with UTLITY U, which is synonymous of DIFFICULTY, EXPRESS, DESOLATION, and HOPELESSNESS.

    Cesar Infante.

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