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Frequently Confused Words
Review this list to be sure you’re using the words you mean to use! Feel free to add–in alphabetical order–any additional groupings of words. Note that I’ve used the strikethrough option for words that are not actually words or phrases–please do the same if your additional includes an erroneous word or phrase. a/an accept/except adapt/adopt advice/advise alot/a lot altar/alter a part/apart affect/effect are/our bare/bear because/cause berry/bury born/borne brake/break capital/capitol casual/causal choose/chose/chosen/choosed cite/sight/site compliment/complement coarse/course complement/compliment contagious/contiguous council/counsel could of/could have or could’ve defiantly/definately/definitely desert/dessert die/dye envelop/envelope emigration/immigration farther/further formally/formerly grammer/grammar hole/whole it’s/its know/no/now lead/led loose/lose loss/lost many/much mine/mines miner/minor moral/morale no body/nobody or/our passed/past peace/piece peak/peek/pique persecute/prosecute personal/personnel plain/plane principal/principle precede/proceed quiet/quite r/are right/rite/write should of/should have or should’ve straight/strait their/there/they’re than/then threw/through/thru till/(til)/until to/too/two u/you use to/used to wanna/want to weather/whether we’re/were/where which/witch who/whom who’s/whose won’t/wont would of/would have or would’ve you’re/your

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