ARCH3640 Historic Preservation Fall 2015

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  • what does it mean to me now ?
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    My idea of historical preservation hasn’t changed as much but I know gain a different perspective. Through research I learned that a lot of people misunderstand the meaning of historical preservation. Some people say “what’s the point of keeping around buildings that are falling apart?” In the early beginning I thought the same thing like some buildings aren’t even function just knock them down. Historical preservation isn’t just about preserving the buildings its also about restoring the building. Its about renovation the building and allowing it to be strong without changing the façade or changing how it looks. There have been a lot of controversy about preservation and know I understand why. Why keep a building that has no use? The point is to restore this building and make it functional for retail stores and apartment buildings not replace them.

    Everyone fails to realize then when historic buildings and neighborhoods are town down a part of the our past disappears forever. Our history is gone and there is no record of it. History is what makes us who are are today what happens when that history is gone we will be left with nothing. We lose the opportunity to work and live in interesting and historical buildings and get a feel for the past.

    Restoring buildings are cheaper then demolishing and creating new buildings. Restoring these buildings not only keep a part of history but those buildings will be and can be used and occupied by people. So why not keep those buildings around for everyone to learn from and enjoy and understand history from. These buildings should be restored as a reminder that history can never be erased.

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