ARCH3640 Historic Preservation Fall 2015

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  • What does Historic preservation mean to you
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    Historic preservation is the protection and maintenance of older buildings. Preserved buildings and neighborhoods attract tourists, everyone wants to see how buildings and neighborhoods looked like in the past. Modern buildings are great but preserving old buildings and neighborhoods gives takes you years back and makes you feel like you’re in a different time zone. As an architecture student I like to see older buildings with the decorative ornaments and different architectural helps me learn more about the different styles in the past and it helps me get a hands on feel about history.

    Preservation eliminates the excessive waste of construction materials and resources. Restoring these old buildings also reduces the cost of demolition. There is less energy and materials needed for restoration than for new construction and this reduces the need for new materials that cost a lot to produce. Of course having new modern buildings are great but some older buildings are very functional and have a historic meaning or background.

    The quality and value for some of these historical building construction can no longer be duplicated in newer buildings. The magnificently carved masonry, ornamental stones, wood flooring, paneling and embellishments that are crafted in wood, stone and plaster can’t be replicated in any modern structure. Demolishing these buildings is an irreversible act its something you can never bring back.

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