ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Architecture in my own broad definition is the creative ability to design a suitable complex or structure, which when constructed is both safe and serves its purpose. It is ideal to say that the nature of implementation of architecture can be identified amongst different types of creatures, such as various animals that are able to create homes, food traps etc. as daily survival methods, and humans of different ethnic backgrounds that design a purpose.

As a child, I fell in love with Global Maps as I saw the perfect creations of God. I was fascinated by the creative idea of land and water, the purpose that both living spaces served especially land. I was amazed by the different shapes of land and their divisions. As I read and studied more into lands, I became even more intrigued with the different artistic plans and views that formed purposes for each land, such as bridges and roads, building and house structures, etc. I drew silly ideas of a land with a unique shape that never existed, and in that land was a planned detailed landscape with structures, which I now know to be urban designs or architecture.

I will originally copy established structures that I may have thought will fit with the city, town or even island that I’m designing and then I advanced in to coming up with my own creative structure that eventually will fit just as good, or maybe even better than the copied versions. I became so fascinated with my work that l will sometimes transfer the original art work into crafting them with cardboard, toothpicks and other necessary materials. Though my crafted cardboard versions almost never appeared to be professionally done, I imagined them as such.

As time went by, I developed more ideas with drawings and I of course crafted them with cardboard that began to take up space in the house. When my mother got fed up with the thought that I’m accumulating a mess, she threw them away. I remember covering a chapter of “Ants” at a time in science class. During the course of that chapter, I learned how simple and amazing ants live. After the knowledge fulfillment that ants needed just enough sand or soil to build a convenient territory, I followed up by finding a decent size clear container and filled it with soil. I then picked up enough ants, placed them in the container and with time I was able to watch them build what I would imagine they will call “their city.” I witnessed many amazing tunnels, each with a connection. I thought it was brilliant, especially with the imagination that there is a mastermind behind it. As my interest grew greater, I collected more containers and more ants, and my mother of course disposed of them.

I took a trip to Ghana in 2003, where I made some terrific friends. I was frequently exposed to animals like dogs, birds, rabbits etc. and with each of these animals I designed and build and home for them. My most successful work was a rabbit’s cage that I carefully designed with divisions, and each division had a purpose. I hand build the cage with confidence and with no carpentry background. The building of the cage was so successful, the word traveled around and people from different neighbor hoods came to witnessed, and some even tried biding on it.

After repeated interest to design or even redesign, I became very assured that architecture truly is my passion. I don’t just intend to get the in the field to make it a career, I intend to perhaps be one of the most recognized in the field.