ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

While walking past the new edition to the campus I realized that the exterior of the new building resembles the Voorhees building. They used the same use of steel in the same pattern as well as the style of the glass being in the same pattern as well. However, with the new building the materials to me seem a bit larger, well mainly the glass, so I am guessing that for that building they will use more steel and more material to keep the glass and all stable.

The glass on the new building however looks a different color more of a blue tint while the Voorhees building has more of a green tinted window. Both buildings have the windows that look similar in size, but for the new building the windows look more rectangular and is pulled out more compared to the Voorhees building where the windows look as if they were pushed in. Other than that I find these 2 buildings fairly similar. I have seen the rendering of how the new building should look and it looks beautiful.