ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

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The Time Warner Center
Jason Ansah                                                                                                     February 29, 2016 Arch. 1121 Time Warner Center The Time Warner Center, formerly known as the AOL Time Warner Center is located at 10 Columbus Circle New York, NY 10023. It was designed by architects David Childs and Mustafa Kemal Abadan. These two amazing architects are partners with one of the largest firm known as Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM), located in Chicago. The time Warner Center, constructed from 2003 to 2004 is designed to depict the world trade center. The Center includes Shops at a five story gallery and two skyscrapers, at the highest, 63 floors and parallel to each other. The main lobby of the shops at the five story gallery is captivating. Inside the Lobby, are a welcoming and information area, two large statues and some of its luxurious shopping stores. Behind the two statues are two escalators, one taking you upstairs to more upscale shops such as Armani Exchange, H&M etc., see through glass tiles, restaurants, entertainment areas and even an exposure to a beautiful view of a busy Columbus Circle. The other escalator of course brings you back down to the appealing lobby and possibly even to the lower level at a fruit shop. The beautifully, smooth carved large statues, floor and wall tiles in the five story gallery expresses commodity. The statues are about four times the height of a normal human being; it appears to be made out of bronze and also depicts ancient art. The center’s quality tiles, both interior and exterior add to its value which was listed one of the highest market value, at 1.1 billion dollars in 2006. Though the structure of the center appears to be contemporary with open spaces, in some parts of the exterior and most parts in the interior, the strong thick pillars cannot be missed. The strong pillars, large statues and quality tiles express firmness as they all serves some kind of solid purpose. I chose the Time Warner Center because, despite how contemporary it is presented, it incorporate a little bit of old fashion art like the large statues, and also provides a sense of luxury to everyone.

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