ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

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Neighborhood Building
Back in my country I used to live in a place where all the structures were houses. When I moved to New York all I saw was buildings. In my neighborhood there were four buildings that cached my eye. I always thought there were only two but later when I got closer to the buildings I saw that there were 4. They are very similar, and they are very tall. In my neighborhood most of the regular buildings are 6-10 story buildings but the Taino towers are all 35 story buildings. I really like the Taino towers because whenever I went to school from home I saw the buildings, since the buildings were right two blocks away from my school, but ten blocks away from my house. Walking to school in the morning I always saw the Taino towers as a key to follow to get to the school. As well as walking to my aunt’s house where she lived near these towers. Since the Taino towers were one of the tallest buildings in the neighborhood, everybody could see them even if you lived 15 blocks away from the buildings. When I was turning 15 I got to be inside these towers every week for 2 months because I was having dance class in the buildings. Experiencing the building for two months was one of the unique things that happened to me. I had never been in a very tall building for a regular basis. I live in a 6 story building where there were projects right in front of my building facing the Taino towers, so I couldn't really see them since from my apartment building, since I live  in the fifth floor and the projects are like 15 floors tall. When is daytime the neighborhood where I live doesn't look very interesting because most of the buildings in in there are very old. That is just doesn't seem like if you want to enter to one of the building since they are to plain or they might look very dangerous, where it can collapse in any second. Those months that I went inside the towers twice a week I always loved when it was dark at night because you could see the beautiful city. Since the windows were really large and the building was very crystalized you felt like if you were right on the top of the city and could experience what was your neighborhood, and actually change your mind of your neighborhood not being good, in there you saw one of the best neighborhoods In new York based on the tranquility and lighting of the buildings. These are one of the reasons why I like the Taino towers so much. One because they are very tall and the person who may live right on top of the building would get the greatest views. Second, these towers remind me of my childhood when I first came to the United States. And lastly because whenever you see it from outside it looks very nice since the building is crystalized and their bottom floors look very strong to hold a very big structure. Now today, not always I get to see these buildings because I do not go uptown a lot anymore. Although when I do, the Taino towers are one of the first things I will see on my way to my destination.

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