ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Nydia Mercado


  1. Why do you want to be an architect? What skills do you have?

Why I want to be an architect goes beyond my high school years. It all started when my friend inviting me over to her house and she had a big box of Lego’s to play with. I unconsciously used to choose Lego’s over playing dolls. I always had the desire to use my hands to create physically when I was younger. I had the drive to learn how things worked together and how things were built. These questions always went through my head. When I was younger, I did not have the knowledge that I have now but I did have the curiosity it took to keep me going to find out answers. While growing up I used to watch my father paint, draw and do things with his hands. I began wanting to do lot of those things and I began to become interested in his work. I started to ask him many questions and I started to do my homework. I started to practice art in many different ways. I started to paint and draw. Not only was my art on paper but I also liked to create models in school. I looked forward to art class. Not only was I good in art, I was also good in math and science as well. When I was in high school, I was handed the opportunity to expand my horizons in art. My art teacher began to become my mentor. She had faith that I will become bigger than what I thought I was. She knew I had the capacity to gain the skills and knowledge to become who I wanted to be. I used to joke around saying I want to become an architect but I still was not trying to figure out whom I was. Therefore, my teacher used to give me assignments such as, draw the blueprints of the school for the principal. Little did I know she was providing me with skills that I would need in the future. However, until this day I still question how things work how things go together to make one thing to create a structure that is why I attend college to gain knowledge to become an architect.  My father also influenced me because he had attended college to become an architect but he became ill and was not able to complete his courses to graduate. I have many skills that can be used towards architecture or not. I like to draw, be creative. I like to build structures, to design, to learn. I am a very good listener. Not only am I good with my hands to build but I am also computer efficient to create designs through new technology.


  1. How would you explain what architecture is?

Architecture can be described with everything that surrounds us. What I mean by this is that what we see, what we touch is architecture. Either is it a chair, a building, parks, schools, furniture, places we work at, it is architecture. Technology that we use can also be architecture. Anything that can be designed is architecture. While doing the readings assigned for the week I began to realize that there is no defined definition to what architecture is. To two different people architecture can have two different meanings.