ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Middle school was one of the most important years in my life. When I started 8th grade I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to become a chef, but I just didn’t have the motivation from the people that surrounded me. My best friend wanted to be a chef, and I didn’t wanted to be seem like I followed her and become a “duplicate” of her. That year I had little idea of what it was to be an architect. I chose the career because I love math and I thought this career would make me practice things with math. When I choose this dream I stood with this illusion for my whole 4 years of high school. I always liked to build weird things and experiment with crafting. I liked to make weird and unusual things that would question people how I did it? How did I start? why did it end up like that? because these were the questions that i had whenever I saw something extraordinary. Although I liked to create new things, I still had no idea of what was architecture, until I came to New York City College of Technology. I learned the basics in design foundations, where I can transform something normal into something completely different than what it started from. I also learned the basics in drafting, how we can see our own viewpoints of everything no matter what the other person thinks about the design or structure, how you perceive the things is what matters to you.
How I would explain architecture is how a person would see each sculpture, building or object. For example I would think that architecture is more of a building because that way people can make a use of it than an object just laying around. Another person will see design as architecture, even if the building has completely zero percent of use. In my opinion, Architecture means a place where you enjoy being in and where you will have shelter, and where people will feel safe. It will be a strong structure where people will feel stable and not nervous that the place will fall right on top of them. Therefore, I am just starting with architecture, and I will love to continue it and not give up because even if I fall and fail, I already fell in love with this career, and this is what keeps me going.