ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Jean Carlos Guzman

Professor Mishara

ARCH 1121



The purpose of an igloo is to provide shelter or storage for those that live in the freezing climate. Igloos are mostly used now as a shed to store your catch for the day. The temperature inside an igloo is amazingly lower than the outside temperature. If built right the structure can maintain a warmer temperature inside. The snow used to build an igloo must have enough structural strength to be cut and stacked appropriately. Yurts however, are commonly found in Mongolia, or Central Asia. Unlike an igloo, a yurt is built with a door in the front and usually elevated off the ground. Therefore the  yurt allows more breeze to come into it. People usually block the door to stop


A vernacular building is made by empirical builders without the actions of a professional architects. As you go up on the igloo you start to see that the rectangular blocks start to change angles. Also seen in a yurt both structure angle in on the top. Amazing to see how people manage to build these things without any plan. They should be praised to make such structure without any direction. Who would of thought the entrance to an igloo would be under ground to prevent winds coming in.


Igloos are found in freezing cold climates with snow such as the Arctic Circle, northern Canada. Rarely used for shelter anymore; they are mainly used today to store the meat a hunter has caught that day. Different from an igloo, yurts are still used for living for most seasons.


Igloos are found in cold climates for the simple reason that if they will melt in warm climates. The cold breeze helps fortify the igloo. The igloo is made out of a combination of ice and snow. Eskimos search for hard compact snow to build and cut their blocks for the igloo. Building it on the side of the hill saves a lot of effort in the process of building. Less surface are less work for you. A yurt just like an igloo built out of its surroundings

People use wood especially bamboo to hold up the tent like structure.


Igloos are built in colder areas such as Greenland in order to keep people warm. However, they are not only limited to those areas. Yurts are commonly found in Mongolia, or Central Asia. For some people a yurt is home.