ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Jason A. Ansah

Arch 1121


What is the purpose of an igloo?

The purpose of an igloo is to provide a warmer sense of shelter than a very chilly outside environment.

What characteristic makes the igloo vernacular?

The characteristics that makes the igloo vernacular is its simple unique yet suitable domed shape, built with what’s almost the only use of materials at the surroundings, which is blocks of ice and snow. It once again provided a warmer sense of indoors for both a home or whether out on a quest to hunt.

In what type of climates are igloos found?

Igloos are found in freezing climates such as Antarctica, Greenland and the Arctic surroundings.

How does an igloo deal with location and climate?

An igloo can only be sustained in a very cold climate where the cold air helps keep the icy blocks solid and together. Any warmer temperature than required will cause an igloo to melt.