ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

The New York City College of Technology has one crystalized building, The Vorhees Hall building in their campus and one that is in progress of being done. Both buildings have similarities and differences between them which makes them special to one another. City Tech’s Vorhees hall and the new building have one obvious similarity, they are made from crystalized curtain walls. they also both have similar geometry such as squares and rectangles. One thing in where they are different is the dimensions of the glass windows.
one of the similarities in both of the buildings in city tech is their geometry in their curtain walls Both have rectangular and square geometry in their crystalized curtain walls. when i walked through the new building it seemed really big curtain walls compared to the ones on Vorhees, it may probably be because the building is closer to the street and you could see it better than the Vorhees building because the entrance of the Vorhees makes it difficult to see the details of the curtain in the bottom floors.
One of the differences between both of the curtain walls of the buildings is the dimensions of the rectangles. in the new building we see the same dimensions of the rectangular frames and with the Vorhees we see three different types of dimensions, we see also the shapes that it makes such as squares, small and large rectangles.
Analyzing both of their similarities and differences we can see that they have more things in similar than differences.