ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

The lack of materials do not allow Greenland people to have a simple architecture. However, temperature gives people opportunities to build shelters of snow, which called Igloo. Compared to Yurt, which often located at central Asia, there are many differences between these two shelters. One different will be the structure, the igloo is adenoid shape, covered with snow and ice, but the yurt is round tent covered with animal skins. Greenland is a cold place, where the temperature is range to below 40 degree Celsius, the compacted of snow allow shelters to be insulated from outside temperature. Contrast to yurt, animal skins can’t block wind blow and insulate temperature from outside. Although, there are some differences for igloo and yurt, there are also some similarities. They all share one space for sleeping and cooking. Also, both doors are lower, people have to bend down for entering shelters. These are the differences and similarities that I learned from the class and the reading.