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  • Will Trump Win Over African Americans?
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    Donald Trump has been called a racist by many, and there’s no disputing that some white nationalist groups think he’s wonderful. And now, accompanied by Ben Carson, he has visited a black church in Detroit and told an audience of African Americans that he will rebuild Detroit.

    Definitely, this speech was better than his earlier “what have you got to lose” speech. Even so, is this going to get him anywhere? Is Trump going to be able to increase his standing with African Americans with appearances like this?

    Politico article September 3, 2016.



    While Donald Trump has master the ability to play exactly to the people, It will take a lot more than just one visit to a black church for him to win the heart of the African American People. So far Donald Trump is only seen favorable by 7% of African Americans according to the Associated Press/ GFK survey. Donald Trump is doing this because he knows than even though minority are small in numbers in some states, but if a candidate can get minority voters to turn out, they can tip the the balance in key states such as Florida and Nevada. Therefore it is no surprise he is trying to play to this population. However African Americans know his track record and already recognize that voting for such a candidate would set them so far back that it would be impossible to rebuild, also many African American are immigrants and have a number of undocumented families living in the USA and these are the same people who he intends to deport.

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