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  • What do you think of President Obama?
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    In your opinion, is Barack Obama a good, bad, or mediocre president? Why?

    Before you answer, please read on:

    1. We should all be able to agree that he’s not the Messiah.

    2. We should all be able to agree that he’s not the Devil Incarnate either.

    3. Whatever opinions you have, you should have reasons to support your opinions.

    4. Whatever opinions you express, you should be willing to listen to other people’s disagreements with your opinions.

    5. There is a difference between disagreeing with an opinion and dismissing it. (Example of a dismissive response: “Would you rather have Bush?”) Related to this, please keep disagreements friendly. Please completely refrain from even remotely implying, “There’s something wrong with you for feeling that way.”

    Okay…now…What do you think of President Obama?



    I think President Barack Obama is a good president. He did a lot of good things for the country. Some people can not see and appreciate the things that he did for the country. He ended the war in Iraq. If he wasn’t president maybe the war still would of been going on. He supports education by giving more flexibility to no child left behind. Also he’s making college aid more available to us students thanks to him. A lot of students aren’t able to pay for school and the president is doing the best that he can for us.



    I believe that a portion of American citizens have unrealistic expectations of President Obama. I affirm the fact that he has made attempts to improve healthcare, education and international relations. However, some citizens fail to realize that there are limits to President Obama’s powers. One change that I have witnessed since the President’s entrance into office is the cost of gas decreasing. In short, President Obama has made various decisions that can be viewed as both positive and negative depending on the individual;as a result i’d say that he is a good president because his decisions benefit me for the most part.


    Special K

    It has been reported that our current POTUS has fired 9 U.S. senior generals in the past year. It has been estimated that 197 generals have been terminated in the past 5 years. I don’t know who is advising him but he is putting a target on his back. He’s being accused of lowering the morale of the armed services’ personnel.
    I think Barack Obama sold his soul to become POTUS after several failed bids at public office. I think the state of this country is just as it was intended and only the first black POTUS could have accomplished it.


    Special K

    When I wrote target on his back, I meant that he has made it that much harder for a Democrat to become POTUS. I don’t think there will be another democratic president for a long while.


    Does this mean you think we’re going to get Donald Trump?


    D. Barrozo

    I agree with abdul24, there is an unrealistic expectation on Obama, you have to consider the check and balance. He only truly had democratic power for 2 years and i feel that it wasn’t enough time for him to fulfill his administrations agenda. Obama succeeded slightly and in all honesty, him and his team had to tailor the policies to the senate and house which was republican controlled. Yet he still manage to push out some favorable policies (my opinion).



    I think that Obama is just a human being with a good heart. He also is a great president, as all know he has promess a lot of things example, help the immigrants, but the republican didn’t supported him. a least he tried.
    I do not like Donald Trump.
    A. Ortega


    Gloria Siguencia

    I do not know all the good and bad our current President has done. There are a few things that I am aware that has been accomplished under his presidency. For instance, the death of Bin Laden and the order given to have all troops return home ending the war with Iraq. Many family members were full of happiness knowing that their love ones will return home.
    One accomplishment that made me glad was when he signed the Credit Card Accountability, requiring companies to give advance notification to their customers as to when rates will increase. As a credit card user, knowing when terms and conditions change ahead of time is very important.
    Last, until now although he made an executive decision in terms of helping undocumented immigrants to qualify for a residence in the future, this promise has not yet been kept. Undocumented immigrants have a tuff battle to win and the presidents help is very important to accomplish their desire to continue to live in this country with no fear.
    Personally I do not think he is either a good or bad. Presidents may have a good intention when promising things but its difficult to keep them because he is not the only one that makes decisions.


    Special K

    I just read that Vladmir Putin has an annual appearance on a call-in talk show where he answers questions from the public, for 4 hours. HUH?! Why can’t ANY president of the United States would even consider doing something like that, maybe even once?! Appearances on The “Steven Colbert Show” or “Ellen” doesn’t count! I know that the calls that Putin answered were fielded but still, the notion that he would even take the time to do it is crazy, in a good way. It seems to me that once candidates become president, they become inaccessible to the citizens until the next election cycle. What a shame!!!


    Great point to raise. I actually remember a president doing that: Gerald Ford, back in 1975 plus or minus. I’m having a hard time finding a reference to it online or in the Times database, but I remember it very plainly: he did just what you’re describing (except I’m not sure if it was four hours) on CBS radio. I’m pretty sure no other president has done that.

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