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    Underneath all the bombast and bravado, is there a more sincere and dedicated Donald Trump who, if elected, will settle down and make some effort to do a decent job as president? Does Trump care about his country, or is he taking his supporters for a cynical and sadistic ride? What do you think?



    Good Morning Professor Alexander,

    I think that Donald Trump is sincere and dedicated to the idea of winning the Presidency, not actually being the President. I believe this is just another trophy just to say that he did it. Not to actually be a dedicated President “for the people”. He has already discriminated against most of the people that make up this country. He is all about white supremacy. He has no plan ‘the people”. I think this is just some wild ride for him. He is popular because the people that support him share the same hate.



    I am not in the least a Donald Trump supporter however, I believe he will try to do a decent job if he becomes President. We all know that he hates to loose and we have seen how much he enjoys bragging rights, with this in mind I think Mr. Trump once he becomes President “God forbid” will do a 360 on his supporters. Yes I believe he is taking his supporters on a cynical and sadistic ride. I can hear President Trump “God Forbid” saying “what wall? I love and respect Muslims. I honestly believe that if Mr. Trump wins the Presidency “God Forbid” then his supporters will then become the losers!



    Donald trump has proven himself to be nothing but an opportunist having no real understanding of what is takes to lead a nation. Simply, he’s taking advantage of the fears of a nation and using them towards his own political agenda. The facts are there his asinine remarks against people of different creeds and backgrounds as as well as his sadistic views on building walls an continuous insults of everyone around him. Consider If this was was job he would of been fired countless times on his sexual an racist remarks. My mother always tells me don’t see something in the day an then go looking for it with a candle at night, it would be foolish to think that thing in what it is would have occurred . Nevertheless the point i am trying to get across is this. If the man is clearly telling you who he is and what his plans are compiled with the fact that he has made it thus far without having to change why would he even begin to fathom any thought of a revolution from his warm, loving caring ,bigot of a person he is now. In away the man may truly be a mad genius fooling us to believe that their resides in him a sliver of decency to conceive the notion of him actually changing.

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