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  • Trump in Europe
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    Any thoughts about President Trump’s interactions with the NATO leaders in Brussels, with the British government in London, and now with Russian president Putin in Helsinki? It’s an indisputable fact that he’s proceeding differently from what most presidents would do, and is relying more on his own instincts than on the expertise of advisers, but does his background as a non-politician skilled in real estate deals give him an asset that other presidents might lack? Might Trump be doing anything right in his dealings with the rest of the world? Folks, it’s no secret that I don’t like Trump, but there’s more to life than what I think and how I feel, so I’ll be glad to hear from you: Any thoughts, positive or negative, about what Trump is doing in his current travels abroad?



    Mr. Trump needs to know the difference between being the president of the United States vs. being the CEO of a company. Stop treating America like it’s a business deal / contract.

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