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  • The shoplifting incidenti n China
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    Opinions of Trump as a person aside, when three members of the UCLA basketball team got caught trying to pilfer designer sunglasses in China–a really dumb thing to do by any standards–should the president have interceded with the Chinese government for them to be released, or should he have left them to their punishment?


    Kadian Anderson

    I think it was wise for Trump to have hem released. Who knows what would have happened to them in China’s prison. I think the punishment they will receive from their coach is well deserved. Why do they feel he need to steal something they can easily buy, is beyond foolish.


    I am glad that Trump advocated for these young men. I hope by this time they have reflected on their behavior and realized they were wrong to steal. At their age they should know they not only represent themselves they also The United States of America.


    Kim Woseley

    Trump showed good faith and leadership in this matter (and believe me I am NOT a Trump fan) But right is right and wrong I wrong. I was happy to see that he was able to at least utilize some type of negotiating skills in the China shoplifting matter. However, I have to express my disappointment the boys and their behavior. It is always important to remember that when were are allowed to visit another country you are considered a guess and therefore you should behave as such. You are required to show respect for the rules, regulation, customs and culture of that country, even if you may not agree with them. stealing is stealing anywhere in the world and in most cases comes with punishment and consequences. As my mother always say, charity begins at home and I hope these boy never forget the embarrassment they felt and the embarrassment they have caused to the USA.

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