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  • The First Republican Debates on Fox
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    The top ten Republicans who want to be president had their first debate on Fox on Thursday night, August 6, at 9. Here’s the video.

    Any thoughts?


    Laura Chierchia

    I think it was a very interesting debate. My issue with the candidates is there need to be focus mainly on the faults of their fellow candidates as well as our current President. I have yet to hear a clear political view from any of the Republican candidates. With Donald Trump his constant back handed comments and his blatant disregard for his contributors. I cant imagine being a supporter of someone who flips back and forth between Republican views and democratic views. He has no loyalty towards any party and has clearly stated that if needed he would run as an independent candidate in this race. Although I consider myself a Democrat I had high hopes for a competitive fight within the parties and all I see is a picture of basic sibling rivalry. I’m looking forward to learning more about all parties and hopefully eventually hearing their platforms and views about the future of our country and its economy.


    Good to hear from you, Ms. Chierchia, and I look forward to meeting you in class.

    Anybody else? Remember, if you’re still getting these notifications, that means you’re still invited to be part of this forum.

    By the way, just on a side note, these past couple of terms when we were talking about the primaries, I’m not sure if we even mentioned Joe Biden. The general sense in the news is that he’s “contemplating it,” and the general sense is that if he does run, he will be serious competition for Hillary Clinton, more so than Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton is still the Democratic front runner, but not as invincible as she once seemed.

    As for Trump, I do indeed think he intends to run as an Independent. I think he wants to be able to say that the Republican establishment silenced him because he was speaking the truth that no one wanted to hear. In fact, he will love love love it if Fox kicks him out of the TV debates.

    Christie also appears to be on the decline. People who like loudmouths no longer need him if they have Trump.

    More thoughts? Dialogue is encouraged here, from past and future students of this class.

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