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  • Sanders Voters and Hillary Clinton
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    If Hillary Clinton gets the nomination, will enough of the Sanders voters be in line with “Vote blue no matter who” in November, to win her the election over Donald Trump? Can you envision the two support bases coming together as one solid Democratic anti-Trump team?

    (Reminder, everybody: After the semester is over, I still hope to see your thoughts here.)




    My name is Christina Fisher. I am in your upcoming summer 2016 class. I am a Sander supporter. If Hillary gets the nomination, I sure will be voting for her. I think the two groups of supporters will pull together. I think this is one of the toughest elections because people are frustrated. I do feel like the election is rigged. I say that because all the years I have been voting , I was one of many New Yonkers that was not in the books for the primary election. I know my vote didn’t count. It is not even counted at the time. I am hoping for the best.

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    It’s going to be a memorable five-week class, because both conventions will be taking place while we’re in session, so we’ll be following much of the drama together.

    Glad you’re here. Thank you for posting.


    Special K

    I voted for Sanders during the primaries and I said I would not vote for Hillary but I must confess that I feel conflicted because I have an idea of what it takes to make it in a male dominated world, especially if you are smart and not afraid to show it. I have heard a LOT of negative of disrespectful things said about Hillary on a personal level with respect to her being overly ambitious, etc but I have never heard ANYONE say that she was unintelligent, incompetent or inefficient. With her experience, and the circles she has traveled in, I KNOW that she has to be twice smart as most of the people around her. So the question is: do I vote for the lesser of two evils or abstain and allow Donald Trump a free pass to the presidency?! Will I be able to live with myself if that happens? I am taking a Biomedical Ethics class this summer and I believe I am currently facing what is called a moral dilemma. Oh, the drama!!

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