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  • Our Presidential Election System
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    Does the way we elect our president every four years, with the state-by-state sequence of primaries and caucuses, and then the general election with the electoral college, make sense? If you were given a chance to overhaul it, what system would you design?

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    I’m no fan of Trump but I think it’s unfair that he may not get the Republican nomination if he doesn’t get the majority vote. If he gets more votes than his opponents then that should be enough to get the nomination. The possibility of Paul Ryan snatching the spot from him is unfair. The R.N.C. should put their support behind Trump and let him match up, head to head, with Clinton or Sanders. I think it’s unseemly to allow Paul Ryan,” the reluctant candidate”, a take a pass at the grind of running for office. If he’s so reluctant to become the potus then why did put out that ad, trying to portray himself as a unifier? Ryan is the guy who wants to cut “entitlements” like social security even though he depended on his deceased father’s social security benefits to help put him through school. He’s just another Republican looking for a free ride to the White House. Let all the other suckers campaign and raise money while he swoops in and hijacks the nomination. It’s crazy out here!!

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