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  • Is the Clinton Campaign's New Stance a Good Idea?
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    The latest communication coming from the Hillary Clinton campaign makes clear that, as far as they’re concerned, Donald Trump has no chance at all of winning the election, so Hillary Clinton can now do two things: (1) get started on the transition, and (2) concentrate the efforts of the campaign on winning the Senate for the Democrats. For the presidency, the campaign is essentially declaring victory two weeks before the election.

    Is this a good idea?

    To put that question into perspective, it should be noted that eight years ago, in the home stretch of the 2008 race between Barack Obama and John McCain, when the polls looked pretty decisive in Obama’s favor, Obama gave his campaign staff strict orders that they were not to ease up in the vigor of the presidential campaign, and they were not to do anything that could look as if they thought the contest was over. For example, campaign officials who felt assured of jobs in his administration were not to start making preliminary arrangements for living accommodations in the DC area until the election was over.

    Part of the question is: Has Hillary Clinton really already won the election or are there things that could happen in the next two weeks that could give the presidency to Mr. Trump? Please, take a moment and let the rest of us hear your thoughts.

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