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  • How should we respond?
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    Of those who are unhappy with Trump’s victory last week, which set is right–the people who are marching in the streets chanting “Not My President” or the ones who are saying “let’s watch and see what he does”? I’m in that latter camp, for the moment, but am I just being naive? Please understand and believe this: I really do want your opinions, to give me something to think about. I’m truly admitting that I don’t know, and I want to hear what you think.



    I agree that we should wait and see what he does. If all his rhetorics was just to get votes or is he serious about being the commander and chief. Let’s see who he appoints as his cabinet and his first 100 days plan. While I am not happy to call him my president, I don’t believe much will be accomplish with these protest all over the country. We need to move on…

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