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  • How are you all doing?
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    How is the coronavirus crisis affecting you and your families? If you’d like to share anything about it, please feel free.



    Good morning, Professor and fellow students

    I just started a job last week Thank G-d and I am working from home. We are home and making the best of things together. Our biggest consideration is whether or not to go to such and such a store for food and which day. The next topic is weighing on taking the necessary precautions like wearing gloves and a mask when we do go out and whether we need to buy loose vegetables or frozen and how to make sure what we buy is safe from infected people. In my area, there are cases so I do not want to throw caution to the wind.

    During this time I also am grateful to G-d that my family is safe. Imagine, a tiny virus wreaking havoc on the world? Life as carefree as we knew it has changed for the time being. I certainly am relishing the time I spend with my family and extremely grateful I can work from home starting in a few minutes :)

    Stay safe and so long Professor


    Duane Facey

    Good morning professor,
    Well thank God my family and I are healthy. However, the school closure from Cuny to my kids school just complicates everything. Please be patient with my response because there are many factors to my delayed response. My wife and I are both essential workers, with young kids if I need to say more.
    Thanks for your YouTube clip.



    Good Morning Professor, This Corona Virus should be a wake-up call for the entire nation. It just shows how vulnerable we are as a country to something a slight notch above the common cold.
    Yes I am disappointed, angry, upset and so on because when we found out it was spreading like wild fire in other countries the leaders of this country is steady telling the people its not that serious.
    If it spreads rapidly, kills people and there’s no cure why would it not be classified as serious? Why didn’t the United States take precautions once it jumped to Italy?
    Finally, it hits the United States, the Ivy Leagues shut down, yet the CUNY’s stay open. Public Schools stay open children’s immune system can fight it off better better than older adults. However the children can still be carriers. What are they trying to prove. Those schools are Ivy Leagues for a reason. Can you detect my anger yet professor? I had a choice to make for myself and the health of my family. I stopped coming once the Ivy Leagues made their move. However by this time it may have been too late. There was a older woman in one of my other classes that had this chronic cough which I have now.
    The hospital says its just a upper respiratory infection and not the Corona Virus but I still feel the professor in that class should have sent that student home.
    Case and point why is this country reactive instead of proactive? All of the well educated people we have in this country yet we never seem to be a step ahead we are always a step behind.

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    Chanell Perez

    Hello professor!

    I am doing good besides the circumstances. I am still healthy and that includes my love ones. I am a little worried about the repercussions of this pandemic in the country especially in the economy. I am still working but that could change by this Friday 3/20/2020. I am a little scared about the fact of us getting payed while we’re not working or if the will find a way for us to work from home.

    When it comes to school. I am trying to get in track with everything. I feel a little lost; just when I was getting used to my schedule and classes. How are we taking exam #2? I hope these changes don’t affect our performance this semester. And to be honest, I am missing the lectures. I like how you professor explain things and also the girl that always have good questions or interesting comments to add.

    I am glad that we can still share our thoughts through this platform. I am really missing the classroom.


    Vanella Douglas

    So far this transition has been very difficult for me, but I’m doing well. Thank you, professor.


    Danasia Miller

    Afternoon Professor, my family and I are fine, the transition between in-person to online has been difficult because we all share a laptop and each of us has homework to do and then work to do from home. it is just difficult technology-wise.

    thank you for asking professor



    Hello Professor and Classmates,

    This is a very trying time for us all, but I am thankful to be in good health and for the fact that none of my family or loved ones have been afflicted with the illness as of now.
    I work in Rockefeller Center and it has been an eerie feeling going there this past week and seeing almost all the businesses closed and hardly any tourists around. Today was also my last day at work for the next two weeks (or indefinitely), until we figure out our next move. At least I will have more time for studies, it is hard working full time and going to school full time.
    I wish you and your family well, Professor, as well as all the students in our class. Best wishes for the rest of the semester!

    Paula St.Hil


    Maria Mercado


    I hope you an your family are well. Everything feels out of order. Many People are being lay off. Its hard to concentrate.

    Thank you for asking.


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