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  • First presidential debate, any thoughts?
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    My own observation, from seeing it last night, is that Hillary Clinton kept her cool and looked more dignified as well as more prepared, but they both got in some shots at each other. Her successful shots at him were mostly on his economic policy, his character (referring to an architect in the live audience whom he had stiffed), and his tortuous relationship with the truth, but he made some remarks about national security and foreign policy that might play well to swing voters. He did come out with a number of full-on falsehoods, like claiming that the murder rate in New York had gone up after De Blasio took office–which she was prepared to knock down. Trump interrupted her again and again, and she was clearly well rehearsed in riding with it and not letting him fluster her.

    Who won the debate? I would say Hillary Clinton did. Does that mean she’s won the election now? Hell no; it’s going to be tense and suspenseful up to the very last minute, I think.

    Those are my thoughts. How about you? If you watched the debate, what did you think?



    Come on without any doubt Hillary, Donald just curse all the times that what he does best better yet check out the next debate

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