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  • Democrats and Trump's State of the Union address
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    Usually, the president’s State of the Union address, delivered in the House chamber to members of the House and Senate together, is a love fest. Democrats and Republicans are usually congenial with each other. With Trump, it’s different. Last night, a number of Democrats absented themselves from the audience of Trump’s speech; Trump declined to shake hands with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (the person officially responsible for welcoming him to the House chamber); and Speaker Pelosi ripped up her copy of the speech later that evening while the cameras were still on her. Now, it’s a given that Trump is going to do what he’s going to do, because he’s Trump, but should the Democrats follow the usual rituals of respect for the president anyway, or were those Democrats who boycotted the speech right to boycott it, and was Nancy Pelosi right to rip it up? What do you think?


    Also, if by chance you listened to Trump’s speech last night, any thoughts on that? (Full faith disclosure: I didn’t.)



    Theater review 3 out 5 Stars
    Honestly speaking I’ve watch better movies than this. The Teflon Don has played the Government like a puppet. At times it may have seem as though Nancy got under The Don’s skin. However for the most part The Don controlled the situation. He fired who he wanted to, to prevent certain situations from occuring. Here’s a list… cited:
    Its a sad day in America when a non-political figure can

    1. Jump in the race to become President. And then successfully Wins.

    2. It’s a sad day in America when a non-political citizen takes on the Democratic’s, our legal system, the constitution etc. And Wins

    3. It’s a disgrace for Nancy Pelosi to bring these charges and not being able to win her case.

    With this being said it only means her case was doomed from the start. The Teflon Don would probably win if he ran again and his fan base just got bigger.

    It’s embarrassing to the rest of the World. Remember back in elementary school when one kid gets pick on and beat up then everyone will view him as a easy target. Tearing up the Speech reminded me of a little girl’s temper tantrum when she didn’t get her way. Pure theatrics.
    Let’s see what happens in season 16 episode 27.

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