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    How do you perceive that a Donald Trump presidency may affect you personally? If you are unhappy with the news, what is your way of coping with this kind of news? Responding, of course, is purely optional, but for those of us who are unhappy with the outcome of the election, I figure we can comfort each other here.



    I am experiencing a wide range of emotions; despair, anxiety, fear, and numbness are a few that come to mind. I amvery nervous at what can happen under a Trump presidency. Is this really our reality?



    I am very disappointed but not surprise at the results. America a still a racist country and the results confirmed it. it was not about who had the experience or is the better candidate but who was telling the people what they want to hear. It think too that the email issues of Hillary had a lot to do with it also and the fact that many democrats did not go out and vote. Some because they wanted Bernie Sanders as the candidate and others because they are not ready to accept a woman to lead this country. I am not worried because I believe that God is still in control and he sets up Kings and remove kings according to his divine will. All this is last day prophecies of the bible being fulfilled and we just have to pray and move by faith.


    Who else can we hear from on this?

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