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    Michael Bloomberg may become a strong candidate in the Super Tuesday primaries coming up on March 3, especially if Joe Biden keeps on sinking. (It’s too early to tell if that’s going to happen; the primary to watch on that score is South Carolina, February 29.)

    Any thoughts about the prospect of Mike Bloomberg for president?


    Aaron Arroyo

    There will be a lot of pushback against Bloomer becoming POTUS, especially from NYC, mainly because of whole stop/frisk fiasco. In my opinion, there was nothing wrong with it. If you felt targeted because you were stopfrisk’d, then you should stop going outside. They were just doing there job, stop being such a little victim. But I digress.

    I don’t know much about Bloomer’s lies- err I mean Campaign Promises to give an opinion on how he would fare as POTUS. However, I will be very entertained to see him go up against the democratic powerhouses of Sanders and Buttigieg.

    On a semi-related note, while I am apolitical, I will say at this point, Biden deserves to lose. He has shot himself in the foot too many times for him to actually be wanted. All that he still thinks he could win, what a blind fool.


    Duane Facey

    Michael Bloomberg will definitely be the right candidate to go up against Trump. Simply because he will win the swing votes, because he is a moderate. The candidates are too extreme with their Agenda and it would definitely cause an increase in taxes on the working class. Free is not Free… and universal healthcare is the main reason why people voted against the democrats.



    Good point Duane. I can definitely understand that.



    If Joe Biden continues to decline in popularity I think Bloomberg may actually have a shot at clinching the Democratic Party candidacy. Trump thrives off of ridiculing his opponents, but it’ll be hard for him to downplay Bloomberg’s accomplishments. While Trump inherited his fortune, Bloomberg is a self made billionaire. When placed side by side Bloomberg has a much better track record as a businessman when compared to Trump. Bloomberg was also Mayor of New York City, while there are some that don’t think he did a great job as Mayor the majority of New Yorkers think he did a great job. The major blemish he has from his tenure as Mayor is the stop and frisk policy. While this may have a slight negative impact on his campaign, other candidates have over come similar hurdles (i.e. Hillary Clinton calling young men of color “super predators”) and gone on to clinch the Democratic nomination.

    When looking at the moderate Democratic candidates, I think Bloomberg will be the one to beat if Joe Biden continues to sink. He’s a successful businessman that approaches the majority of issues that Americans care about (the economy and healthcare) from a realistic and pragmatic view. He’s also a candidate that can stand toe to toe with Donald Trump, which is huge because right now no other candidate can really do that. Out of all candidates Bloomberg may have the best chance of getting undecided voters to vote for him instead of Trump.



    I saw your post this morning and, I must admit that you made some interesting points in regards to Bloomberg running for president. I agree with you that he is the best candidate based on the selection we have at the moment. However, I do not support him running, I think that someone else should be given a chance, but who do we have? I was leaning towards Biden, but as you can see he is not doing so great. I saw on CNN that Bloomberg wants HiIlary to be his running partner , what do you think about this?


    Taylor Myers

    That would be a colossal mistake. Trump would win again.

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