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  • Biden's State of the Union Address
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    If any of you are watching Biden’s State of the Union address tonight (Thursday, March 7), I’ll be interested in your thoughts here on this board.   Biden needs to use this speech to win over undecided voters, as well as win back voters who supported him before and feel disappointed by him now.  He needs to come across as a strong leader, countering the image of him as “a well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory,” as special counsel Robert Hur recently characterized him.

    It will also see if Alabama Senator Katie Britt gives a better Republican response than Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave last year.  Sanders, by saying that Biden had surrendered the country to “the woke mob,” insulted not only Biden but his supporters.  A good opposition-party rebuttal would address the specific issues the president talks about and explain why the opposion party’s solutions would work better.  Let’s see what Senator Britt does tonight.

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