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  • Any Thoughts on Any of the Current Candidates?
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    Who do you think is stronger, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? Is there any Republican (besides Trump and Cruz) who you think might surprise everyone and pull ahead of the pack? Any thoughts you’d like to express about any of the candidates, major or minor? (Again, please keep all disagreements with each other friendly; please exemplify the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable.)


    Gloria Siguencia

    Family is very important to me and Clinton is willing to fight to defend Obama’s executive action pertaining to Dreamers. Many families who do not deserve to be separated are being separated and that’s just not fair. For this reason and a few more other reasons my vote right now is going toward Clinton


    Special K

    Why is Trump bringing the Paris attacks into focus now? I think this is his way of letting the public know that they can look forward to more of their civil liberties being infringed upon, under the ruse of public safety against ISIS. There will also be more military engagement despite his stated views about Iraq and Libya. Trump is an empty suit and he is being propped up as an outsider but the strategy is to get this uber white dude, who doesn’t seem to know anything about anything, to garner the support of white Americans as a symbolic and literal rejection of the Obama administration. What they don’t realize is that not only Trump is going to take up where Obama left off, he is going to take us where Obama was hesitant to go. Expanding government surveillance, witch hunts of ISIS sympathizers, etc is going to go through the roof!!! The only way that the power behind the presidency can do that is with a personality like a Trump… or a Hillary.( It’s easier with Hillary since she is known as a war monger.) It’s a bait and switch all over again. And if the dollar collapses, as predicted, forget about it!!!


    Well, speaking for myself as a fellow citizen (which is purely what I am here on this board), I’m no great fan of Hillary Clinton, but to me the Trump campaign is a fascist movement, so any defects that Hillary Clinton has become utterly irrelevant to me when I think we’re in danger of having a fascist movement take power. If Trump wins, my biggest worry isn’t even what he, personally, will do in his official capacity as president, but rather, what his more violent and racist supporters will do now that they consider themselves to be in power. That’s the key. The president has loads of constraints on him, but the mobs out there have none. As people have heard me say, for me, Hillary Clinton is like an annoying in-law with whom I share a house and am constantly quarreling. Trump is like the arsonist prowling around the grounds. Am I going to keep on quarreling with the annoying in-law, or am I going to put the quarrel on hold so we can make sure the arsonist doesn’t set the house on fire? That’s how I look at it, and again, this is just your fellow citizen Ben Alexander speaking personally.


    About the Paris attacks: if we get a fresh new terrorist attack before the election, the American fascist era will really begin.

    Personal sentiment: I truly miss the days when the only thought I had when I listened to the latest political news was “Here’s a good topic for me to discuss with my American Government classes tonight.” I miss the days when I was in that mode. Now, I just need the Trump nightmare to end.


    Special K

    As a person who is curious about how people think, I was wondering why Donald Trump seems to gravitate towards such contentious relationships with women. I have no idea about his background with his mother but what I have observed is that he likes foreign born women who seem demure and not formally educated. Being born an American male, I find that strange. The last 3 presidents have been married to women who were just as educated or more educated than the presidents themselves. Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama can run rings around their husbands, intellectually speaking (imo). It seems strange that Trump wouldn’t have a wife who was an intellectual equal or superior than himself. Since Trump seems to get into public conflicts with women who are outspoken (Rosie O’Donnell) or independent minded and dares to do their job (Megan Kelley), it’s a concern for people to take seriously when going to the polls to vote.

    In reference to Hillary Clinton, her argument about people trying to hold her accountable for her husband’s record as a president, is absolutely ridiculous. Of course people should hold her accountable because she was the power behind the scenes. She was the one giving speeches to advocate for his policies which is why that speech about black males being “super predators” came back to bite her in the ass this year. She was giving speeches trying to gain support for her husband’s policies. She was also pandering to the Republican Party and bringing the left leaning Democratic Party to the right. Don’t forget, Hillary Clinton was a confessed “Barry Goldwater girl.” You can take Hillary out of Arkansas but you ain’t taking that Arkansas out of her, NO WAY!!! Why do you think the Republicans are so willing to vote for Hillary against Trump. She may be in an opposing party but her fundamental ideology isn’t much different from theirs. She plays the game well, She tries to be a political shapeshifter but she can’t outrun history or her record.



    Hilary Clinton is a woman, therefore she is a woman … Bernie Sanders is a man. That might change the prospective of how the United States would be viewed from the regions like Middle East, where people give almost no consideration to women if the female would be the commander in chief … Sanders can be influential, and at the time he is getting behind collecting delegates. So we might have game changing, the woman if Clinton finally captures the first place.

    For the republican side, it seems to be more suspenseful … Donald Trump against some majority of Republicans. Let’s live to see the end.


    Special K

    While listening to Democracy Now this morning, I heard that Ted Cruz and John Kasich are joining forces to stop Donald Trump from reaching the requisite number of delegates to clinch the Republican nomination for POTUS. So how exactly is that supposed to work? There were no specific details as to what course they could take to deny him the nomination. Professor, (or anyone with knowledge of this subject) if you have some insight, please share.


    It’s an exchange of “You won’t campaign against me in this state, I won’t campaign against you in that state.” It’s essentially what Mitt Romney suggested the non-Trump candidates should all do, some time back. I would say that Kasich is a little late in catching on to the wisdom of this, because when Rubio was still in the race and the Ohio and Florida primaries were about to happen, he sent out a message asking Ohio voters to vote for Kasich and asked the Kasich campaign to do the same for him in Florida. The Kasich campaign sent out a tweet that said “We’ll win Ohio without your help, and you’ll lose Florida without our help.”


    And of course, to review what we’ve already discussed, the object is to get a majority of delegates at the July convention to be anti-Trump, so that at that point the majority can say to Trump, “Trump, we have a lot of stuff to thrash out here, a lot of points to fight over, but none of it is going to be about you. Now Trump, you may find this next part either very entertaining or very boring–entertaining because you’ll be seeing some sparks fly, but boring because you won’t be hearing your name get mentioned. So, feel free to stay or go, but either way, it’s not you we’ll be debating about. Now, ladies and gentlemen, whom can we agree to nominate?”


    Special K

    According to WeAreChange, Donald Trump was seen meeting with Henry Kissinger. Why? Isn’t Trump supposed to be the anti-establishment candidate who is going to to help America return to greatness? Sanders criticized Clinton for embracing Kissinger yet will Trump be criticized for his association with Kissinger? At least Clinton publicly embraced Kissinger. The anti-establishment candidate cozying up to THE ESTABLISHMENT and he hasn’t even been formerly nominated as the Republican nominee for president. Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?


    To me, the Trump problem is on a whole different plane from “establishment” versus “anti-establishment.” In fact, I think that a lot of the time the use of those terms, alongside “insider” and “outsider,” represents the same kind of misleading demagoguery as when candidates talk of being against “big government.” Trump is a man who a lot of clinical psychologists believe has narcissistic personality disorder and in whose campaign a number of historians who specialize in fascist regimes see elements of a fascist movement. Even so, now that he’s the apparent nominee of the party, a lot of Republicans who were once singing the “Never Trump” song are now deciding that maybe he’s not so bad. I say that because, for me, the question is less one of why Trump met with Kissinger than why Kissinger was willing to meet with Trump.

    The main thing I see going on now is that Trump, who knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy or even economics (knowing how to get rich isn’t the same thing), is starting to talk to the people who do know what they’re talking about (including Kissinger, like it or not), and to convince people like Lindsay Graham (whose cell phone number he gave out at a press conference last summer while mocking him) that he’s capable of talking like a reasonable person, and that therefore maybe he is one. And of course, maybe if he’s elected president that reasonable person whom so many supporters imagine will come out. I have no way of knowing, but I am appalled by the number of people in this country who think it’s worth the gamble to find out. Somebody on Facebook recently wrote that she would vote for the Cookie Monster over Trump, and I replied that I would vote for one of the lice in Oscar’s trashcan over Trump.

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