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  • And...Doug Jones Wins!
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    They’re within a percentage point of each other, but Doug Jones, the Democrat, appears to have defeated Roy Moore for Alabama’s Senate seat. So the Ten Commandments Judge won’t be going to Washington after all.

    It’s a huge victory for the Democratic Party. The Democrats lost several special elections earlier this year, but now 2018 is about to begin, and 2018 is a year of major Congressional elections. The Democrats, who didn’t have a prayer of winning the House of Representatives last year, may well have a fighting chance of it now. And even the Senate could be up for grabs, though if the Democrats win it, it will be by a very small margin. It seems like an eternity ago when the Democrats actually had a 60-seat, filibuster-proof majority.

    But will it happen? The Democratic Party has a way of blowing it. Any thoughts on what to expect in the coming year?


    Kim Woseley

    Alabama Douglas Jones victory, could have an immediate impact on congress, especially in light of the passing of the new Tax bill. If Jones is allowed to be sworn in as soon as possible and able to vote on the tax bill, it could possibly mean that the bill may not pass and would cause a great defeat to the Republican party. With Jones win it could very well mean that future bills would become more difficult for the Republican party to pass. Which may lead to a more bipartisan approach on both sides to get any thing done. I could only imagine the chatter among the Republican party on what this win for the Democratic party will cost them. I am sure they will be taking a real long hard look at other candidates for future positions and the negative impact it will have as it affects their ability to make decisions in the House and Senate if they continue to loose sits.


    Quick clarifying note: Doug Jones will be taking his seat at the start of January. If Congress can pass the tax bill before Christmas, they’ll still have the two Republican Senators from Alabama voting for it. But yes, once the new session in the new year begins, the Republicans will have 51 seats where they had 52 before, and passing partisan bills will get even harder because they’ll only be able to lose one Republican vote from such a bill. Right now, it looks as if the tax bill that they have rushed through haphazardly, disregarding all the usual procedures that happen when things are normal, is going to pass.

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