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    Technical writers must be honest in what they are writing about and not manipulate the data to miss lead the audience. Also, should be crediting if using anyone else’s work to explain the topic and not plagiarize.



    i believe technical writers deal with very few problems unlike critics writers. One of the porblems a technical writers might face will be speaking up truly about a new thenology or a new invention that might impact the political and financial athmosphere of a company, a country. Otherwise i believe technical writers should stay as neutral as possible in conveying information to their audiences



    Technical writers faces many ethical problem when writing because many writers will cite their personal feelings and intuition when making ethical decision which can be in contrast to the audience. For instance a technical writer who is writing an article on climate change and its effect, but lives right on the beach will give a different perspective about climate change knowing ethically his point of view would be different from what it would have been had he been living on the hills.



    Technical writer always face a lot of ethical problems when crafting their pieces. Be able to take a position is one of them in some county they face death treat or death due to their point of view. They are always in position where they have to show their neutrality.


    Damian Robinson

    Few of the problems technical writers face are the changing technology in the specific field that they write about and the amendment of the rules that govern the implementation of such new technology.
    for example; a couple of weeks ago Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk introduce new batteries to complement the solar revolution that is happening now. That announcement brought excitement and high expectation of residential home being self reliant and independent of the Electrical grid. I saw that many writers wrote about the announcement and the many positive effects it will have as it pertains to residential home being self sufficient.
    But there is problems that these writers fail to investigate that these batteries don’t work well with rooftop solar as yet and the Electrical Installation Code would have to change to accommodate the new technology.
    What I really want to saw is that technical writers lack of complete knowledge about a new technology can be miss leading to his / her audiences. This is just to show problems technical writers face.



    I think some of the ethical problems technical writers face today is when their audience does not have thick skin. There would always be someone offended by their work even in they do not intend to. Their audience or readers would somehow be criticized or feel insulted. However, when you are a writer in general everyone will not agree with you statement because most likely your work is an argument. Another thing technical writers can face is not being to know how to simplify or condense a complicated work. You must know your audience to be able to know the correct format and content to know what you are explaining to your readers.



    Nowadays we can find a lot of problems that relates to technical ethic and the most important are Plagiarism and Honesty. Thanks to internet, we can find many different technician projects and “introduce” some of them as own. As for me, this is the worst technical problem that relates to ethic and honesty because in this way, you are not only absolutely ignoring the persons who wrote those projects but also show yourself as dishonest person.



    I am torn between yes and no. On one hand since technical writers are only transcribing information into simplex text for a specific audience there should not be any ethical problems. They are not putting any original thoughts into the material, so the only ethical issue I can see happening would be internally. In the research faze is where ethical issues might come into play. Instead of finding equal research for both sides the writer could favor one side they agree with most, and put all of that information in the paper could bring up a lot of ethical issues.

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