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    What do you think are some of the ethical problems technical writers face?


    Damika Green

    I think some of the ethical problems technical writers face are ….. none? I feel a technical writer is always going into a project with a neutral stance and if they aren’t then their job is to properly convey each side’s point of view.



    Ethical problems toward technical writers depends on what country they are.
    If they are writing from a country that freedom of speech and freedom of expression is a problem, the writer will be facing harassment from the government or private corporations. when someone is speaking out the truth and making noise regarding ethical issues base on what the writer is displaying to the public, it will always have the opportunity to make enemies. Yes there are and still ethical issues toward technical writers.


    Troy D.

    Technical writers face very few ethical obstacles. If there are any issues, it can arise when technology blends into political issues such as government surveillance. Technical writers are meant to remain objective and not add their own political biases into their writing. It can be very easy to start venting your frustrations about the government in the open forum soapbox known as the internet, or even in print.


    Joseph Tran

    There are not many ethical problems I know about that a technical writer may come in contact with. But if there are, my best guest would be race, gender, and religion. These are an ethical matter in all form of communication. So if I was to write a technical paper I would avoid these subjects just to avoid and ethical issues that may occur.



    A common problem for technical writers, in terms of the ethics side, is lying within their documents from time to time, even if its a very small lie. Its clear why some people tend to do it, they want to take some of their best experience, and amply it to make it seem more important and bigger than it really is, but this than may cause some unforeseen problems in the future (like when the boss ask you to do something that you can’t do for example).


    Mr. Beckford

    Technical writers may face ethical problems addressing “grey” matters to an audience. When a writer attempts to speak on sensitive and controversial issues it may become difficult to relay a message without coming off as opinionated.


    Aneudy Abreu

    One of the ethical problems technical writing faces is the lack of ethics entirely. More than often technical writers write to wide variety of groups with different ethics perspectives.



    I think some of the technical writers are lack of ethical problems. Sometime there is a lack of communication or language barrier that technical writer doesn’t learn in school. Some of the things are learned with the network of your friends. Sometime they might have difficulty in understanding the styles or formatting of documents as different companies have their own style of technical writing formats. Besides that, technical writer might have an issues on legal issues too.



    Well they only thing I believe the major thing that technical writer face as an ethical problems is plagiarism, like someone trying to get recognition for work that they have not done or something like that.



    Some of the ethical problems technical writers face are plagiarism and copyrights. When writing about a topic, the person may be tempted to copy another person’s work and pass it off as their own. The person may also be tempted to write about an idea that someone else has intellectual rights to.



    I think that one of the hardest things that a technical writer would face is to maintain a sense of objectivity when writing about a particular topic due to the fact that technical writers are supposed to deliver facts about a topic without giving their own opinion.


    Aneudy Abreu

    Taking back what I said previously. Technical writers[TC] might be tempted to provide fake facts or fake data. Very specifically, a TC that purposely manipulates the data is facing ethical problems



    Writer could faces many ethical depends upon their article. It could be related to culture and society.Furthermore, they could face copyrights and trademarks.I believe that writer should do proper research about his article before publishing in society.



    As long as the internet is easy to access anywhere or anytime the technical writers will continue to face ethical problems. Some of the ethical problem technical writer facing are Plagiarism and Honesty. People like to use another person work and take the glory of it without given references.

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