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    What have you learned in this class so far that you think you could use in the future?


    Joseph Tran

    Some of the many things I have learned in this class that I will surely used in the future are the process of revision, formatting, knowing my audiences for all of my work, how to write a proper analytical paper/report, and hopefully will soon learn how to write a good manuscript.

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    Troy D.

    I have learned to really think more about various audiences as well as my presentation. I normally only wrote for school assignments. Now is when I am getting a better understanding of business worthy writing.
    I have also learned more about formatting beyond the standard MLA format. I am no longer restricting myself to pages of mere paragraphs.


    Damian Robinson

    When I am writing any documents or technical repots I should ensure that I know the audience to whom I am writing to. also we all know that people don’t like to read so I will use the rule of brevity when writing any documents, expressing as much as I can in few words. These points highlighted are some of what I have learned so far that I will definitely used in the future.



    I have learned, how to write a better resume, cover letters, and pay attention to detail.



    By taking this class, I learned how to professionally make resume, cover letter, writing a good newspaper articles as well as style guides and version control that we need to use as a technical writer. Beside that, I learn try to make an article or writing less wordiness and easy word so people can understand your writing well. In future, i can follow style guide, version control and technical knowledge and skills that i learn from this class. I can use those knowledge in Information Technology for my website blogging.



    The best part so far is how to write a cover letter. You won’t believe how many times I’m job hunting and they ask for a cover letter. Which surprises me that it’s not cover as strenuous as resumes are. Cover letters are just as important as resumes are, especially since they’re usually the first thing your interviewer sees sometimes.



    Each time I write, I never considered audience in my writing. But after I registered for technical writing class, I’ve learn how to recognized audiences, how to format my writing, have a style guide for my writing and how to write proper resume and manual reports.


    Damika Green

    One thing that I’ve learned in this class that I can take with me?
    Ways to edit a resume. That was something really important, because I won’t always have people to look over my resume or better yet I won’t always know people who are even remotely qualified to look over it. So it’s nice that now I have some sort of an idea of how to update my resume.



    What I have learned in this course so far is how I can improve on writing my resume. I thought it was very helpful and can continue to be for my career.



    There are many things learned on this class such as, rules for a professional writing of important documents where even little details have a big impact, such as resumes. I also learned how to address a specific audience on my papers. Another great experience was the group exercises to get to know with my classmates and memorize their names.



    What have you learned in this class so far that you think you could use in the future?

    They are so many things that I have learned from this class which I would take with me, but one thing that stand out would have to be the differences between technical writing and persuasive writing.



    I learn a lot of things from this class. Some of them included the processing of formatting,recognize audience in writing, revising and revision. This class helps me to built my resume and cover letter professionalism. Moreover,I learn to write summary and manual guide. I will definitely use those skills in my future.



    I learned how to write more, to be a better thinker. I also learn how to be more involve in discussion in group and more with other since I was not use to write too much now work in group before. I believe that this would help me in the future so I can work better at work and express myself in a better way that everyone can understand me.


    Mr. Beckford

    I have learned how to discern between revising and editing. Though similar, these two processes are quantifiably different. It’s important that we differentiate the two when preparing any type of document one wishes to use to share information. I plan to practice revising more in the future.

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