ADGA Internship

Why, exactly, did we take these tests?


O: 41% or 0.675

C: 06% or 0.306

E: 03% or 0.156

A: 03% or 0.333

N: 90% or 0.812


Unadventurous, disorganize, callous, introverted and high-strung. Couple this with a 83.33% score on the procrastination test – the exact score Prof. Mason said we should not  have – and it’s clear that I have an extremely rough road ahead of me. If there is a workplace that actually utilizes this sort of test in their hiring scheme, its disheartening to think that I’ll have to lie to get my foot in the door. It reminds me of the way that most people I knew said they had to lie on their resume, or make up a fake reference to get their first job.


It is also really disheartening that I was just told that I was considered completely useless/undesirable for proper working society. It also makes me wonder, seriously, what someone with a positive review looks like. Putting some thought to it, I don’t think I have a frame of reference for it. Should I look at my professors? They seem to range from lax to reserved, with little or no in-between – only people who have been in the business for a while have a right to that. I suppose Professor ##### seems like a good business-type, but his conversations seem so unnatural/rehearsed/hollow to me that it’s uncomfortable to be around him. I don’t think I could be like that, and if I could, I don’t think I want to. (Is that okay to say?)


It’s a harsh world.


Tests aside, no one has gotten in touch with me yet, so I think I’ll refine my resume and give it another go.


Afterthought: As a creative, don’t I need a portfolio or an online presence or something!? I wish I took the portfolio class before all of this…

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